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CEDS – Community
Economic Development
Planning for Economic
Development Activity in the
November 20, 2006
Planning for Economic Activity
CEDS – Definition
CEDS Components
Strategy Committee
Planning Schedule
CEDS Definition
• What is a CEDS?
– A CEDS is a comprehensive planning
document that guides regional economic
development activities and is a requirement
for receiving Federal funding through the
Economic Development Administration
CEDS Components
Section 1 – Background
Background – paints a realistic picture of the
current condition of the region
Workforce Development
and Use
Transportation Access
Other Issues
Section 2 - Analysis
2. Analysis of Economic
Development Problems
and Opportunities
Strengths & Weaknesses
Problems & Opportunities
Identify past, present, &
future economic
development investment
Identify & analyze
economic clusters within
the region (new)
What’s an Economic Cluster?
A cluster is a geographic
concentration of competitive firms
in related industries that do
business with each other. Each
cluster includes companies selling
primarily outside the region, as
well as support firms supplying
raw materials, components and
business services. These groups
of companies that compete or
interact with each other are more
important to the region's well
being than any single, isolated
firm no matter how strong or
influential it may be.
Section 3 – Goals & Objectives
3. Goals & Objectives – Defining
Regional Expectations
– Goals are broad, primary regional
– Objectives are more specific than goals,
clearly measurable, and realistic
considering a 5-year time frame
Section 4 – Community & Private
Sector Participation
4. Community & Private Sector
Participation (New)
– Must discuss the relationship between the
community in general and the private
sector in the development and
implementation of the CEDS
Section 5 – Strategic Projects
5. Strategic Projects, Programs & Activities
Suggested Projects and the projected number of
jobs to be created as a result
Lead organizations responsibilities for executing
the projects
Vital Projects (New) – a prioritized list of
programs, projects, and activities that address
the region’s greatest needs including sources of
These can be overarching “themes” for regional
economic development success
Section 6 – Plan of Action
6. CEDS Plan of Action
– Implements the goals and objectives
(sect. 3)
Includes a methodology for cooperation and
integration with State’s economic
development priorities.
Section 7 – Performance Measures
Performance Measures – quantifiable (New)
Number of jobs created after implementation of the
– Number and types of investments undertaken in the
– Number of jobs retained in the region
– Amount of private sector investment in the region after
implementation of the CEDS
– Changes in the economic environment of the region
(This list is not exhaustive and the region should add its own
quantitative and qualitative measures)
• State Approval (GDEcD)
• 30 Day Public Review Period
• Statement of compliance in Partnership
Planning application
• Majority Private Participation on Strategy
CEDS Strategy Committee
• The Planning Organization (RDC) must appoint a
Strategy Committee.
• The Strategy Committee:
– Represents the main economic interests of the Region,
– Must include Private Sector Representatives as a majority
of its membership, and
– The Planning Organization should ensure that the Strategy
Committee includes public officials, community leaders,
representatives of workforce development boards,
institutions of higher education, minority and labor groups,
and private individuals.
CEDS Schedule
Your RDC Contact:
• Jason W. Hensley, AICP
Planning & Development Specialist
(706) 210-2000 x120
[email protected]

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