A Seminar report On Electronic Resources and its uses

Seminar report
Electronic Resources :An Overview
Nishi Handa
Librarian, A.S.S.M. College,
(Distt. Nawanshahr)
Information technology has changed the world and
acts as the important tool for retrieving information.
Now a day, library collections are not limited to
printed document but also electronic resources.
Electronic resources have become the vital part of
human life in 21st century.
The availability of scholarly publications through
electronic medium or internet has a greater impact
on information requirements of the researcher.
Now a days, majority of the print and
Electronic scholarly publishers and
information disseminators increasingly act
globally to produce e-information includes full
text database of journals, books, patents,
standards or technical report, dissertations,
theses, annual report etc of a particular
publisher or a group of publishers.
Need of Electronic resources:
It is helpful in changing trends in publishing.
It can be used by more than one user.
Any change can be made available quickly
with the help of electronic resources.
Now the readers demanded more and more
information in different format. They feel
more convenient to access the scholarly
information at their desktop.
Need of Electronic resources:
If libraries are not changed accordingly they
will not get the benefit of globalization. So
there is great need of globalization in
libraries to provide maximum information to
its users .By just pressing simply a button on
keyboard, we can tell our user about the
latest information available in his field.
Uses of electronic resources:
Electronic resources are very useful in
changing habits of writers and readers .
It is also helpful in changing the pattern of
serving the library users, because now days
libraries are using information and
communication technologies such as bar
codes, e-commerce, e-journals, CD-ROMS
Due to globalisation, there is entire change in
the concept of library activities.
Access to electronic resources :
Electronic resources are more readily
available to users as there is no need of
purchase and delivery cycle.
The prime step for electronic resources is
that in internet connectivity for web based
resources. The access is by user ID or pass
Types of Electronic resources :-
The new information and communication
technology helps to produce a large number
of electronic resources. These are as
Electronic journals:
Journals play a vital role in the research and
development activities. The physical and hard
volumes of journals are being replaced by Electronic
media available in CD ROMs, DVDs etc. Electronic
journals have helped the publishers and users to
cope with accelerated growth of journals. A
periodical that is available in an electronic or
computerized form known as electronic journals.
Electronic books:
A book which is available in electronic format
and which can be read using a computer or a
special reader.
It contains the latest and most updated
It can be stored very easily and saves library
Electronic newspapers:
An Electronic newspaper is a self-contained,
reusable and refreshable version of a
traditional newspaper that acquires and
holds all information in the newspaper
Electronic zine:
Electronic zine means Electronic magazine
and it is also called web-zine. The articles
that are stored on a file server may be
distributed or accessed via a computer
network. some sources of electronic zine are:
CD-ROM(compact disk read only memory):
CD ROM is a silver plated disk of
1.2mm(0.047inches) thickness and 12
A CD can store 650 megabytes of data that is equal
to data of around 550 floppies or 3,00,000 typed
. Today a number of organisations are publishing
scientific data, bibliographic and full text information
on CD ROMs we can not only copies of rare and
valuable literary works, scholarly studies, technical
research but also out of print books.
OPAC (On Line Public Access Cataloguing):
Cataloguing of an increasing number of libraries are
now available for searching on line. These are
known as OPAC.
OPAC is a access tool and resources guide to the
collection of the library which provides
bibliographical data in a machine readable form and
can be searched interactively on computer terminal
by user.
Updating of catalogue can be done in a short period.
Online database:
A database is collection of data files
integrated and organised in to single
comprehensive file system. It is a collection
of data with a given structure for accepting,
storing and providing on demand, data for
multiple users.
Electronic theses and dissertation(ETD):
Now a days, thesis is presented in an
electronic medium which is called an ethesis.
An Electronic theses and dissertation is an
electronic document that explains the
intellectual works or research of a researcher
Advantages of electronic resources:
International reach
speed of communication
unlimited capabilities
search ability
Problems of electronic resources:
Subscriptions to material in electronic forms
are more expensive than subscription to
material in traditional form.
A major drawback of electronic resources is
comprehensiveness. Electronic resources do
not generally date back as far as their printed
counter parts.
In conclude we can say that the electronic resources
have become the important part of today’s library. It
has rapidly changed the way of seeking and
disseminating information. The e-information has
also influenced educational world tremendously.
Many of the colleges and universities are using new
information technology to provide e-information as
an important part of their learning and teaching

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