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Xiaoguang Ma
EPID 745, April 3, 2012
It's the most powerful citation manager you
can find, short of a personal librarian.
--PC Magazine
Intro to EndNote
 Importing references
 Manually entering references
 Insert references in word document
 Format bibliography
 Edit citations
Intro to EndNote
Open new library or existing library
Can sort references by author, year, title etc.
You can create or import new references
You can search for a specific reference
Double click reference to view more information
Save automatically
Work on multiple libraries
Importing References
Online search in EndNote
In search window, enter search terms and click
Click OK to confirm search, click Cancel to go
back and change search terms
Move the references you don’t need to trash box
Import from text files generated in online
sources, such as PubMed, Web of Science et al
Manually Entering References
If reference cannot be found in database (i.e.
PubMed), must insert them in yourself
Click icon new reference, choose reference type,
and enter information
Authors: entered one per line and EndNote might
suggest similar names (in your library already)
Save reference and close reference from file menu
Insert References into Word
EndNote must be opened
After text, from tools menu, go to EndNote,
then insert selected citation(s)
 Must
have reference(s) highlighted in EndNote
program before
Or after text, using {last name, year}, then
generate a reference list from the word
document. Some scholars prefer this way.
Format Bibliography
Change bibliographic style from tools menu, to
EndNote, then Format Bibliography/Or in
EndNote directly
Browse output style to choose the style you
Also, preview styles from EndNote program:
from bibliography dropbox, click select another
style, and view styles’ info and preview
Edit Citations
If you want to make a change to an
individual citation in word, click on
individual citation or from tools menu, go to
EndNote and edit citation.
 Insert information or remove information
or entire reference, then click OK
Reference Manager
RefMan > EndNote
Offers network features with simultaneous
read/write access to databases (multi-users)
RefMan < EndNote
Find full-text automatically
More filters
More fields
Have Mac version
More output styles
Automatically search updated reference info
Things to Take Note of
If you enter a references twice and cite both in the text,
you might have two references in the bibliography.
(Using “find duplicate” function)
You can drag one reference from one library to another
A “traveling library” can be created from the tool bar in
Word which will just contain the used references.
Manage your library: Master and Specific Project!
Multiple library can be referenced and open at the same
Remember to remove field codes in your “final” version,
and save the original copy for future use (i.e. revision)

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