Substantive Posts

Marking Substantive Posts
Participation Defined
• Faculty members are expected to clearly communicate the criteria
they will be using in assessing participation.
• The participation criteria is part of the standard GCU classroom
policies, located in each classroom at Resources > Student Success
Center > Classroom Policies - Student Expectations and Faculty
Commitment. Please refer to this document for the participation
requirements for each course.
“I always knew I could control one thing…my effort”
- Ryan Seacrest
Marking student posts as Substantive throughout the week will work to
consolidate your efforts when grading weekly participation.
The following slides illustrate the action steps to implement this best
practice within the LoudCloud Classroom.
Marking Posts as Substantive
• Participation refers to student contributions in the DQ forums above and
beyond the mandatory DQ responses.
• As an instructor reads the student participatory contributions, s/he can mark
posts as Substantive by clicking on “Yes” and “Submit.”
Participation Feedback
The LoudCloud Gradebook calculates the amount of Substantive Posts
(indicated by number in parenthesis).
Note: the Total number indicates the total responses throughout the week,
which includes DQ responses, participation posts, both substantive and not
• There should be some level of variance in feedback provided,
grading for content and overall quality of responses.
• According to GCU policy, faculty are expected to provide
substantive, individualized, and comprehensive feedback on student
participation within 7 days of the module end date.

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