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Mormon 7-9
Perspective is everything…
Mormon’s Last Testimony
Mormon’s Intent
Title Page
Which is to show unto
the remnant of the
House of Israel…that
they may know the
covenants of the Lord
Mormon 7
…I would speak …
unto the remnant of
this people who are
spared …
Know ye that ye are of
the house of Israel
Elder Holland
“In a soliloquy of death, Mormon reached
across time and space to all, especially
to that ‘remnant of the house of
Israel’ who would one day read his
majestic record.
Those of another time and place must
learn what those lying before him had
forgotten—that all must ‘believe in Jesus
Christ, that he is the Son of God,’…
To ‘believe in Christ,’ especially when
measured against such tragic but
avoidable consequences, was Mormon's
last plea and his only hope.
It is the ultimate purpose of the entire
book that would come to the latter-day
world bearing his name.” (Christ and the
New Covenant, p. 321-3)
Two Witnesses
Mormon 7:8,9
Orson Hyde,
speaking of Moroni
In those early and perilous times [of America’s history, our men were few,
and our resources limited. Poverty was among the most potent enemies
we had to encounter; yet our arms were successful; and it may
be amiss to ask here, by whose power victory so often perched on
our banner?
It was by the agency of that same angel of God that appeared unto
Joseph Smith, and revealed to him the history of the early inhabitants of
this country, whose mounds, bones and remains of towns, cities and
fortifications speak from the dust in the ears of the living with the voice of
undeniable truth.
This same angel presides over the destinies of America, and feels a
lively interest in all our doings. He was in the camp of Washington; and, by an
invisible hand, led on our fathers to conquest and victory; and all this to open and prepare the way for the
Church and kingdom of God to be established on the western hemisphere, for the redemption of Israel and the
salvation of the world.
This same angel was with Columbus, and gave him deep impressions, by dreams and by visions, respecting this New
Trammeled by poverty and by an unpopular cause, yet his persevering and unyielding heart would not allow an
obstacle in his way too great for him to overcome; and the angel of God helped him--was with him on the
stormy deep, calmed and troubled elements, and guided his frail vessel to the desired haven.
Under the guardianship of this same angel, or Prince of America, have the United States grown, increased, and
flourished, like the sturdy oak by the rivers of water.
Moroni’s Testimony
Death of a Wicked
Civilization- X3
1- Nephites (Mormon
2- Jaradites (Ether)
3- Us…(Moroni)
Great Worth
Mormon 8:14
Mormon 9:30,31
Just as there is a difference between
sins and mistakes, there is also an
important difference between sins
and imperfections.
In mortality we will always be weak,
we will always have some of our
weaknesses, and we will always
need God’s grace to respond
constructively. But weakness is not
The compulsive and perfectionists
among us need to realize that a
large part of why things go wrong
in this life is the Fall—not their
own incompetence….
Religious Educator,Vol 3, p. 49
Elder Neal A. Maxwell
“A wise leader will be aware
that his imperfections are
noticed, but he will also
humbly hope that when
others see his
this will provide them with a
chance to learn to be
more wise than he has
Good parents, as well as
good prophets, always so
hope, too.”
(All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience, p. 112)
Condemn not yourself
because of your
imperfections, nor
others because of their
But rather give thanks
unto God that he has
made manifest your
imperfections to others,
That they may learn to be
more wise than you have

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