Consumer protection act File

Consumer Protection Act
By Emily Gilks
About the act
The consumer protection act 1987.
The act is in place to protect the public in the following ways:
• Prohibiting the manufacture and supply of unsafe goods.
• Making the manufacturer or seller of a defective product responsible for
the damage it causes.
• Allowing local councils to seize unsafe goods and suspend the sale of
suspected unsafe goods.
• Prohibiting misleading price indications.
The act aims to establish a legal framework for maintaining a fair, accessible
and efficient marketplace for consumers. This is to reduce the disadvantages
experienced by vulnerable consumers when accessing goods or services. The
act also aims to protect consumers from unfair trade practices.
How it effects the beauty industry
The consumer protection act effects the beauty industry in the following
• All goods such as; products and equipment used on clients during
treatments must be safe for public use and must be fully tested to UK
• All products and goods retailed must also be safe to use.
• Prices indicated for both treatments and retail products must be clear to
the consumer.
• The salon must be selling products at the recommended retail price which
means having the correct price mark ups including VAT.
• All price listings should be checked for human error to check that the
correct prices are being advertised to the consumer.
The effects of Non – Compliance
If a business does not comply with legislation it is breaking the
law and this can result in being sued, taken to court and issued
with fines. In serious cases it can result in imprisonment. When
action is taken on a business in the beauty industry
professionalism is lost and this can lead to a loss of clients which
reduces the income of the business. This in turn can affect the
insurance policies for the business.
In conclusion, the consumer protection act is in place to protect consumers
by prohibiting the sale of unsafe goods and by making the manufacturer or
seller responsible for the damages caused. This effects the beauty industry
because selling and using goods and products is a major part of the beauty
industry. With this in mind Beauty businesses must only sell goods they have
purchased from recognised and trusted suppliers to make sure all goods are
safe to use and sell.
Websites used:
• Health and safety act – big umbrella that covers many acts
• Trade descriptions act
• Cosmetic (safety)

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