Slough Children’s Service
Safeguarding Peer Review
Purpose of the Peer Review To examine how the Council and partners
are fulfilling Safeguarding Children
responsibilities. The review will provide a
new baseline position from which to revise
and enhance improvement plans and deliver
improved outcomes.
Scope of the Review
• Overall progress since the SLAC inspection in 2011
• the effectiveness of your referral and access arrangements
including the use of CAF, the application of thresholds and
assessment of risk
• the quality of casework, care planning and the
contribution of the IRO service
• the impact of supervision, management oversight and the
overall quality assurance framework for safeguarding
• the quality of partnership working at the operational level
• how any risk arising from the NHS and other organisational
changes can be mitigated
• the fitness for purpose and capacity of the LSCB
How the review will be conducted
Self Assessment/Documentary Analysis
Case Mapping Exercise
Audit Validation/Case Review
Focus Groups/Questionnaire
On site visits and Officer interviews
Feedback and Prioritisation Conference
What will the reviewers be looking for?
• Effective practice, service delivery and
voice of the child
• Outcomes, impact and performance
• Working together
• Capacity and managing resources
• Vision, strategy and leadership.
What will this actually mean for Children's Services and our
• Checking the progress we have made in our
improvement program
• Testing our services against the new higher
OFSTED safeguarding threshold
• Asking how joined up are our approaches to
safeguarding children?
• Ensuring that interagency communication is
effective and robust at all levels across the
• Listening carefully to the voices of children and
their parents/ carers
What will we need to focus on?
• The quality of our pathways for indentifying
and working with children in need of
safeguarding (Thresholds and Services)
• The effectiveness of arrangements to
investigate concerns of abuse -(Joint
investigation, S.47)
• The outcomes for children subject to Child
Protection Plans (purposeful activity to
reduce abuse)
What will we need to focus on?
• The effectiveness of our services to prevent harm
in specific circumstances:
Allegations against professionals
Children with disabilities
Missing children
Sexual Exploitation
Domestic Violence
Substance Abuse
Isolated children
What do we need from each other?
• Commitment to support the review
• Representation on the planning groups
• Staff time for mapping groups/focus groups
• Development time for the self assessment
and priority setting

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