Introduction to Toftejorg tank cleaning machines

Mud tank before & after cleaning
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Mud tank before & after cleaning
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Cleaning Result
Before cleaning: Barite build up
After cleaning: Barite build removed atomatically
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Eliminated man entry to the Mud tanks, ensure that
personnel accidents are avoided.
Automated tank cleaning systems ensures the
same high cleaning result with less cleaning slop
Reduced cleaning slops, which reduces the slop
handling costs
Cleaning time is reduced. This increases production
time and turnover.
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Cleaning Requirements
Cleaning Requirements
Cleaning Requirements
What does Alfa Laval need to know to size the system?
• Quantity, size and shape of pits (drawing if possible)
• Pipe work, agitators and other obstructions in the pit
• Accessibility for mounting of TCM
• Water pressure / suction available?
• Is there a decanter on the rig that can be utilized for
re-circulation of washing water
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