Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Society of Hispanic
Professional Engineers
Chapter Officers for 2008-2009
President : Randa V. Soto
 Vice President: Diego Zegarra-Ballon
 Secretary: Humberto Moya
 Treasurer/Internal Representative:
Onassis Rivera
Advisors: Dr. M. Krishnamurthi (ISYE)
Dr. F. Sciammarella (MEE)
About SHPE…
SHPE was founded in Los Angeles, California in
The objective was to form a national
organization of professional engineers to serve
as role models in the Hispanic community.
SHPE is The Source for Quality Hispanic
Engineers and Technical Talent.
NIU Chapter of SHPE was established in 1999
AHETEMS Foundation
Advancing Hispanic Excellence in
Technology, Engineering, Math and
 Scholar-Internships
 Internships
 Scholarships
SHPE Conferences
SHPE Conference
HENAAC Conference
NILA –National Institute for Leadership Advancement
RLDC - Regional Leadership Development Conferences
Programs and Activities
Types of programs our chapter can support
 Educational programs to benefit
 Volunteering activities that benefit our
college, NIU and the community
 Fundraising activities that generate funds
to support our programs and activities
 Socials that promote peer support
 Chapter membership recruitment
Educational Programs
What would you like to learn?
 Speakers to talk about careers?
 Plant tours to learn about engineering
 Training workshops on software skills
 Career development programs on
resume-writing and interviewing
 Other ideas?
Volunteering Opportunities
Why volunteer? How does it help us?
 Assisting CEET with student recruitment
 Offering tutoring support to fellow Latino/a
 Volunteering in college/university
programs and SHPE conferences
 UNO –United Neighborhood Organization
 Other ideas?
Fundraising Ideas
Fundraising activities locally in the college
and within NIU
 Outside NIU
 Raffles (with city permit)
 Sponsorships from companies
 Selling things like T-shirt with NIU SHPE
chapter logo
 Other ideas?
Social Activities
Activities that are fun, safe and promote peer
 Sports-related: bowling, paintball, etc.
 Entertainment-related: movies, shows,
dance, etc.
 Food-related: Lunch, dinner, BBQ, etc
 Cultural visits-related: to places in Chicago
or elsewhere
 Other ideas?
Conclusions and Thanks
It is important for members to join the
society officially and pay dues
 Membership is required for benefits such as
scholarships and conference participation
 Take leadership in activities and benefit
from leadership opportunities
 Remain in good academic standing
 Help one another
 Thank You For Your Participation

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