Comic Life - CT COLT Technology Academy

Welcome & Introductions
Comic style text has been used to teach world languages before… Now
we can make our own!
Has anyone ever used Comic Life?
Where can I download this program?
30 day free trial/ $24.95 individual
School wide??
How can students use Comic Life?
Student created projects can be used for a cumulative assessment
 i.e. written dialogue, spontaneous speaking (w/pictures only)
Working with partners vs. individual
How can teachers use comic life?
Writing assessment (clear directions and guidelines for writing prior to
putting text into comic life)
Quiz – leaving blanks in the speech bubble or as a Cloze activity
(TPR-S) – leave the last speech bubble blank for students to conclude the
story or teacher creates the ending and students work backwards to
create the middle and beginning of the story
Introducing new vocabulary or grammar structure
As a model for students to create a skit
Reading activity – students can read through the comic followed by
reading comprehension questions
Cultural- a way to incorporate cultural aspects into a
Teachers can always adjust levels for students
Writing the text ahead of time and with
proper guidelines will save time during the
Comic Life process
Sample Guidelines and Rubrics
Getting started…
Changing the screen resolution
Choosing landscape vs. portrait
Using the frames and speech bubbles
Finding characters and inserting (google images,
clip art, photos, drawings, cropping in Paint)
Flipping images
Copy and paste (saves time)
Title/name box and fonts
Accents with Alt+ __ will work!
Explore Comic Life on your own for the next 10
minutes or so…
Printing?? Saving?? (Save as a JPEG file)
Time?? (student work vs. teacher creation)
Setting guidelines and parameters for student
Use your tech. people as resources
Group Ideas…
Please fill out the evaluation and be sure to
collect your CEU’s 

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