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Thomas N. Farris
Undergraduate Education
F. Bernath, Associate Dean
Office of Undergraduate
P. Song, Associate Dean
Academic Services
J. Rankin, Assistant Dean
L. Prendergast, Assistant Dean
C. Vargas, Assistant Dean
R. Ricks, Admin. Assistant
A. Ortiz Robles, Admin. Assist.
Vacant, Admin. Assistant
A. Long, Advisor
Honors Academy
J.P. Antoine, Director
Lifelong Learning and
Professional Education
H. Pedersen, Associate Dean
L. Pagenkopf, Program Coord.
Assistant to the Dean
K. Cameron
Administration and Planning
S. Kilduff. Associate Dean
T. Cruz, Sr. Dept. Admin.
J. Greenman, Business Mgr.
Engineering Educational
and Research Computing
A. Kotelnikov, Associate Dir.
R. Perez, IT Sys Admin.
Student Services
I . Rosen, Associate Dean
M. Brown, Assistant Dean
C. White, Assistant Dean
J.P. Antoine, Assistant Dean
A.M. Dinio-Bloch, Prog Dev. Spec.
S. Thorn, Business Specialist
M. Mac Pherson, Admin. Assistant
SoE Grants and Contracts
A. Cytroen, Grants
J. Creteau, Business Mgr.
S. Patel, Accountant
T. Wan, Accountant
Annie Nienaber, Dir. of Dev.
Vacant, Development Asst.
Packaging Science and
H. Gea, Director
M. Gergus, Program Coord.
Research Lab (MERL)
Y. Lu, Director
J. Olshefski, Facilities Mgr.
T. Calabrese, Area Coordinator
R. Lorber, Design Specialist
Biomedical Engineering
N. Langrana, Chair
R. Yarborough, Dept. Admin.
L. Johnson, Admin. Assistant
S. Loukidis, Sys. Admin.
L. Stromberg, Admin. Assistant
M. Presa, Admin. Assistant
M. Creteau, Dept. Admin.
Chemical and
Biochemical Engineering
M. Ierapetritou, Chair
D. Moon, Dept. Admin
L. DeCaprio, Admin. Assistant
K. Tarabokia, System Adm.
Engineering Research
F. Muzzio, Director
C. Kaur, Associate Dir.
D. Hausner, Associate Dir.
J. Mariwala, Bus. Spec.
School of Engineering
Research centers grey highlight
Civil and
Environmental Engineering
N. Gucunski, Chair
L. Szary, Dept Admin.
G. Cullari, Admin. Assistant
E. Wass, Inst Mkr/Rep
Electrical and
Computer Engineering
A. Petropulu, Chair
J. McCarthy, Dept. Admin.
O. Titus, Admin. Assistant
N. Martinez, Admin. Assist.
M. Howell, Admin. Assistant
S. Orbine, Elect. Analyst
J. Scafidi, Systems Admin.
Info Network Lab.
D. Raychaudhuri, Director
M. Gelfman, Business Spec.
I. Seskar, Associate Dir. IT
Industrial and Systems
M. Jafari, Chair
C. Lelmini, Admin. Assistant
J. Lippencott, Design Spec.
H. Pirrello, Admin. Assistant
Communications and
D. Reed, Director
A. Vannucci, Admin. Assistant
Materials Science and
R. Lehman, Chair
N. Assal, Admin. Assistant
C. Kuchinow, Admin. Assistant
J. Pescinski, Business Spec.
Center for Advanced
Infrastructure and
A. Maher, Director
P. Szary, Associate Director
Mechanical and Aerospace
A. Cuitiño, Chair
C. Elsabee, Dept. Admin.
C. Cartegna, Admin. Assistant
S. Patel, Admin. Assistant
J. Petrowski, Sr. Design Specialist
J. Vanderveer, Design Specialist
Ceramic Composite
& Optical
Materials Center
R. Haber, Director
M. Sole, Business Spec.
Center for Advanced
Energy Systems (CAES)
M. Muller, Director
J. Dillon, Eng. Researcher
Advanced Polymer
Materials (AMIPP)
R. Lehman, Director
New Jersey Advanced
Manufacturing Institute
A. Cuitino, Director

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