Burwardsley 2015

Burwardsley 2015
June 11th-12th
On the morning…..
• You can bring the children into the classroom when you arrive to drop
them off with their bags.
• You will then be asked to leave the children so that we can get ready.
• If you want you can then go to the front of the school and wait
outside so that you can wave us off. Please do not linger in the
entrance hall as this will disturb other children arriving for school.
• Feel free to wave but I would ask that you let the children pass with
their own bags (don’t help) and do not get on the coach to say
• We leave at 9.15am.
Where we stay
• We stay at an old school that is
ideal for the younger children.
• It has its own enclosed field and
play area
• The bedrooms are all off a central
room that is used as a dining
Day 1- We drop our bags off at the centre and get back on
the coach. We will then be dropped off at Beeston Castle. We
spend the morning exploring the castle and its grounds.
We have lunch at the castle- lunch needs to be in
a bag we can throw away. Don’t forget school will
provide a lunch unless you have said otherwise.
We then have a good walk back to the centre
which takes around 2 hours. We stop for a snack
and to play games like hide and seek in the woods.
Back at the centre we have a yummy tea and then
a play and a bonfire with toasted marshmallows
The boys sleep in one dorm and the girls in
another. A staff member sleeps in the room with
the children. We usually have an early start the
next day.
Day 2- we will be based at the centre. We
have a visit to the round house to begin.
We will also be doing an archaeological dig
and making clay thumb pots
We then have a lunch provided by the centre
and a quick play before heading home.
• We will be back by 2.30pm but children will stay at school as normal
and go to sharing assembly.
• Children will leave school in the usual way at 3.30pm.
Things to note
This is my 13th residential with Reception.
The children will not be as worried as you are.
I will text in the evening to let you know all is well.
Any usual bedtime arrangements that your child has will be accommodated
for, this includes if necessary- pull ups, bottles of milk, dummy's, special
blankets- I have dealt with a variety of needs and we are very discrete.
Don’t send new clothes we get very dirty!
Children do not need any money.
Any medication must be given to a staff member in the morning in a labelled
bag with directions for administering. We can only give prescribed
I will try to do a blog on the website while we are there to keep you updated
if internet allows.

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