The DLC journey

The David Lewis College journey
Anne Price – Director of Education Service
at David Lewis Centre
Me in context
• Worked in LDD education services for 29years
• 24 yrs (83%) time in General Further Education
(GFE) sector – when GFE went through
incorporation in 92/93
• 5 yrs (17%) time in ISC sector.
• Ofsted part time inspector since 2002
• Elected to Board of Director for Natspec
• David Lewis Centre has a school which is a
member of NASS
• That brings many positives – the time invested
has reaped many many benefits
How has my career helped the
DLC journey?
• Been there before and have an
understanding – but things have changed
• Networking with GFE colleagues key to
understanding local 14 – 19 partnership
• Cheshire and Warrington Principals’ Group
• NW ISC partnership – Natspec regional
• NW NASS regional group
The benefits and frustrations of
• Sit in meetings that could have little
relevance to you – make it relevant!
• Been here before – we seem to be going
back 15 / 20 years?? – flexibility /
responsive to change / knowledge
• You realise that you have a lot to offer.
• Embrace the change – it’s not going away
Personal and organisational qualities
Tenacious – don’t accept no / try different routes
Minnow or Piranha?
Investment in people’s time
Think creatively
It’s time to do your research – informing your
strategic planning
Understand the landscape – it’s a
different world
• Who heads up the Children’s and Families Service in
your LA – key starting point. Read the website regularly!
• The Children and Young People’s plan for your area
• Children’s Trusts – who leads on this ? What
stakeholders groups are there?
• Local Government Association / Regional Development
Agency / Regional Government Office
• Need to understand how Local Authorities work –
councillor leads
• Get to understand you sub-regional grouping.
• National Comissioning Framework
A time for excitement ?
• Invited to join the Cheshire East 14 – 25
Learning and Achievement Executive.
• It’s not just ISCs - everyone’s feeling
nervous and uncertain (GFE / schools /
local authorities?)
• Now handing over to Mark Bayley from
Cheshire East – David Lewis College’s
host authority

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