Edward Scissor Hands Audience

Edward Scissor Hands
By Siobhan and Emma
• Edward Scissorhands is a new era fairy-tale,
with a slightly older target audience than
usual. While this PG-13 rated comic flight of
the imagination may be too dark for younger
• The Director of Edward
Scissorhands had
manipulated the classic
horror genre – it gives
us a mixture of horror,
comedy, romance and
fairytale – therefore
appealing to a wide
Target Audience
including: horror fans;
teenagers; romance
fans; fairytale fans.
Why this film appeals to the target
Having Johnny Depp as lead role, evidently
suggest that the film is aimed at a teenager
market (particularly female teenagers.)
When the Grandma is telling the little girl the
story of Edward Scissorhands, which suggests a
fairytale theme, therefore appealing to
Fairytale fans.
There are many conventions revealed
throughout Edward Scissorhands which reveal
associations with the genre of horror. For
example: visual images associated with the
stereotypical haunted house - cobwebs, huge
closing door, odd gadgets. Furthermore, as the
credits are rolling, eerie music is heard, the
graphics (which are the names, white on black,
making jagged scissor shapes. These
stereotypes are what attract horror fans to go
and see this movie.
Why this film may not appeal to
younger children:
As for younger children, there are various
reasons why this film may not appeal to
The plot of the film may be too complex for
them e.g. they may not understand Edward’s
situation, and may only see him as a villain.
They may not pick up on the wit throughout
the film.
Younger children may be highly fearful of
Edward because of his appearance, and how
he is different to everyone else.
Unlike teenagers, younger children may not
relate to the happenings throughout this film:
e.g. Edward being pressured into breaking
into someone’s house, Kim being forced to
chose between her boyfriend and Edward.
‘Edward Scissorhands’ portrays a
community which is unable to cope with
someone or something so different
because of their lack of imagination and
ability to cope. The use of: stereotypes;
both conventions and unconventions;
enigma; and themes creates a truly
imaginative film, which successfully
appeals to a wide Target Audience.
• Everyone can stand to learn the lesson;
just because a person is different, it
shouldn't make them an outcast.
Everyone can be a useful member of
society, even a man with metal bladed

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