SP2010 Migration -HMSA - Hawaii SharePoint User Group

SharePoint Migration
prepared for the Hawaii SPUG by
Jeremy Uota & Joseph Kim
Nov 13, 2013
Main Challenge
Phase I: Discovery & Design
Phase II: Testing
Phase III: Preparation
Phase IV: Implementation
Phase V: Support
Tips & Conclusion
Main Challenge
Migrate ~3000 SharePoint sites
from SP2003 to SP2010
(2 version jump)
20+ Distinct User Areas
Customized Content
10 Years of Content
100s GB of Content
All Shapes and Sizes
Orphaned Content
I: Discovery & Design
• Understand your old SP environment
 Interview key Site Admins
 Run scripts to get the facts
• Understand why you are upgrading
 Understand the Strategic vision
 Understand the Technical vision
• Design the farm
 Select the SP Features to install
 Design the SP topology
 Design the Site Collection architecture
SharePoint Server Topology
(Enterprise Foundation)
Dept. Team Sites
Dept. Team Sites
Dept. Team Sites
Dept. Team Sites
Dept. Team Sites
Dept. Team Sites
Project Team Sites
Corporate Portal
Site Collection Architecture
I: Select a Technical Solution
A. DB attach upgrade
B. Third-party migrator
 Does it fulfill its primary purpose?
 What can’t it do?
 Is it worth spending the extra money?
* Any migrator tool is an aid, but it may not be the
entire upgrade solution.
II: Test the Upgrade
• Test the migrator tool exhaustively
Collect errors and fix errors
Get timings
Refine the order of operations
• Install / Configure ALL customizations
II: Initial Runs
II: Features to check
Webpages / Webparts
III: Prepare for Game Day
• Do a FULL test migration
• Create a Project plan
 Minimize Production downtime
• Create a Communication Plan
 Executives
 Site Admins
 Users
• Communicate 7 times 7 ways
• Have a backout plan
III: Prepare for Support
• A problem may be waiting to surprise you
• Prepare a post-migration Support Plan
Provide contact info
Communicate how to report problems
Create a Help Desk FAQ
Create a support rotation schedule
IV: Implementation
Migrate over a weekend
Ensure desired features are on
Run compare scripts
Do the last minute touches
V: Post-Migration Support
• Provide it!
• Have a Governance Plan
• Have a Feature Road Map
• Have a Training Plan
Tips & Conclusion
• Quantifying Discovery is essential
 PowerShell everything
Do a FULL test migration
Create an explicit migration plan
Minimize changes
Don’t break links
Communication is key
 Set users’ expectations
 Give your critical customers special treatment
• SharePoint 2013 is here

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