ECOLANDIA - IHMC Public Cmaps (2)

Once upon a time there was a big wood with lots of all kinds of trees. Very
amusing animals lived there.
In winter, the pines and the bots were covered with snow and they seemed to
become magical with all that ice splendour.
The holm oaks seemed to touch the sky.
Over their branches the birds chirped very happily, the squirrels built their refuges
in the holes of the trunks and the hares hided from the rain under the trees. A lot
of good and sweet fruits ripened in this wood and the animals stopped to eat: one
fruit, one after another…
They were very sweet tooth.
There was a
small lake in the
middle of the
wood. Its water
was so clean
and transparent
that you could
see the small
stones at the
bottom and lots
of multicoloured
In autumn, the
leafs of the
trees, carried by
the naughty
wind, settled on
the water of the
small lake and
looked like small
Next to that lake there was a very nice white
house; the windows had red embroidered
curtains and on the windowsill there were
always vases with assorted and fragrant
A kind and friendly
grandmother lived
in that house. She
had a very gentle
smile. Her name
was Granny Linda.
She liked the
cleanliness: her
house was always
beautiful and tidy.
Her white hair was
tied up behind the
nape of the neck.
Her eyes radiated
goodness behind
the small round
glasses. She wore
long, long dresses
with a big apron.
Granny Linda was not alone; her husband lived with her. His name was Grandad
Beniamino. He was a nice, generous and good old man; he always wore a
multicoloured checked shirt and some trousers with enormous pockets, in which
you could find thousands of things: small pieces of thread, small nails, a small
pencil, a small pocketknife, some sweets and a big handkerchief.
Slight was like his
name: he hided the
supplies of the
animals of the
wood, he ate all the
most tasty and ripe
fruits, he shouted
when everybody
Anyway, he was
really a rogue.
However, after every
prank, he was upset
because he was not
so bad; he was only
a little. Restless and
he always felt like
A majestic holm oak grew
near their house. It was
the house of two goblins:
Giò was good
and kind; he
always behaved
and he liked to
help everybody.
But one day
something terrible
Granny Linda had
prepared in the
kitchen all the
ingredients to
make a cake: flour,
eggs, sugar and
strawberry jam.
She decided to go
to the wood and
pick up some fresh
small strawberries
to decorate the
While she was out,
Slight went into the
house and, in a
minute, he threw
the sugar and the
flour on the floor,
he flung the eggs
spread the jam on
the table.
When Granny
Linda arrived, she
looked at the
disaster; she was
so upset that she
wanted to cry. Her
always beautiful
and tidy house
was dirty and
What could she
At that moment the good goblin Giò arrived and he quickly thought
about the way to help.
He remembered that one day his grandfather, one very wise goblin,
told him about a blueberry plant that had on top of it one blueberry
bigger than the others and with magic powers.
He ran fast to the wood to look for it.
Grandfather goblin was right: the giant blueberry really existed!
Giò went running along the path to go back to granny’s house.
Don’t cry any more: I have brought
you the magic blueberry; after
eating it, whenever you want, you
will have the power of turning into
magic all the things you touch.
Granny Linda
thought that
she loved
cleaning the
house more
than anything
else and two
things helped
her in her
tasks: the
broom and the
dustpan. She
decided to
make them
She ate the blueberry and, as soon as she touched them, the
broom and the dustpan took life. The house was brilliant and
sparkling again.
Granny Linda was happy. She gave thanks by heart to the
good goblin Giò. She decided to name the broom “Netto” and
the faithful millet dustpan “Gina”. They were her two tireless
The autumn arrived. Linda and Beniamino
went deep into the wood to pick up some
chestnuts with their friend the good goblin
Giò. They didn’t invite Slight because they
were a little angry with him.
The goblin felt very offended and started to organize a
lot of pranks!
He ran along the wood, climbed up the trees and he
wrecked the nests of the birds that ran away
desperately; he looked for the squirrels in the holes of
the trees to scare them away; he made them run away
and he scattered their supplies; he slid over the
branches to make the leafs fall.
Granny Linda and Grandad Beniamino looked at all the
animals running away very scared and, very interested,
they went to inspect the wood to understand what was
happening. It didn’t take long to find out the cause of the
We must do something
to repair this disaster!
While Granny Linda, with Gina and
Netto, were picking up the leafs,
Beniamino rebuilt the nests of the
birds and repaired the dens of the
animals. He picked up some
multicoloured berries to make
some small toys for the children
And what about Slight?
Following a squirrel, trying to rouse it to a fury, he arrived at the town.
Linda, Beniamino and Giò were worried about the activities of the
mischievous goblin. They followed his footprints and they arrived at the
town too.
They hadn’t been there for a long time, so long that they didn’t recognize it: the
sky was grey, the air was dense; it caused coughing and it was difficult to
breathe; there weren’t many green places; everything looked like cement and
asphalt. The cars ran fast like arrows giving out grey and stinking fumes that
mingled with the fumes that went out of the chimneys of the factories. Everything
was grey and the town looked gloomy.
An unexpected noise startled them: the goblin
Slight had spilt one of the big bins that were full of
rubbish. He was scattering the rubbish
It was a big surprise because in that bin there were all
kinds of things: leftovers, not opened crates, toys,
clothes, plastics, glass bottles, expired medicines,
newspapers and magazines…
Grandad Beniamino was astonished: Why do people
throw all this things away?
It was urgent to put this disaster in order.
Granny Linda quickly thought about her exceptional assistants and she
told Giò to look for them. Netto and Gina followed the instructions of
Granny Linda and Grandad Beniamino: They separated the rubbish into
several small heaps.
One policeman who was controlling the traffic a small way away, approached to
see what was happening around the knocked over bin.
Grandad Beniamino explained to him that it would be better to collect the
rubbish into different bins, because lot of things could be used again.
The policeman,
delighted with
the idea,
wanted to
communicate it
to the Mayor
and he went
with our two
friends in their
way along the
Linda and
were amazed
looking at the
they didn’t
why there
were so
But are all
this things
to live?
The policeman told him one explanation:
“For sure you could live perfectly well with much less. But, unfortunately,
people are used to have a lot of and seek for more; thus we produce, we
pollute, we consume and we waste. We are always in a hurry…, we want to do
thousands of things…, so we even use the cars although we could go by
bicycle or walking. And this is the result: grey sky, trees that look ill with its
grey leafs…”
It was a gloomy town. Granny Linda thought that this was the moment to use her
magical power: she saw a soft feather duster in a brilliant shop window. She
asked for it, then she touched it and…
do your duty!
In an instant, the feather duster
swept the grey colour of the roofs,
windowsills, leafs of the trees, walls
of the houses, sky…
Now the town was really beautiful!
Linda and Beniamino were satisfied.
Granny Linda had
used the magic, but
now people could
lesson: they could
leave the car in the
garage more often;
they could commit to
could be installed in
the chimneys of the
A long time passed and the Mayor of that town wanted to honour Grandad
Beniamino and Granny Linda because thanks to them the appearance of the town
had changed.
They were invited to a great party organized just for them. They were
honoured by giving the town a new name. Granny Linda and Grandad
Beniamino wanted to name it “ECOLANDIA”, because its inhabitants had
understood the importance of respecting the nature and avoiding wasting
the resources that we are continuously provided with.
Slight was soon forgiven for his pranks.
Those pranks were not useless as they
gaveGrandma Linda and Grandad
Beniamino the chance to find out important
solutions for the problems of the town.
The new of the clean town, where people lived comfortably, spread very quickly.
And other villages, towns and cities wanted to follow the example of Ecolandia; so
the more people followed the advices of Granny Linda and Grandad Beniamino
the more people lives improved.
If you see different colour bins in your way…
Use them!
Use the bicycle instead of the cars more often!
… Go walking to the nearby places!
Promise not to waste the things that are still useful!
Thus, our villages, towns and cities will be as beautiful as
Ecolandia and they won’t need the magic of Granny Linda, the
broom Netto, the feather duster Nino and the faithful millet
dustpan Gina.
Made in
Vital Aza School in Pola de Lena -Asturias-, Spain, by
Class 5º:
Heliana Álvarez Vázquez, José Manuel Batista García, Andrea Castañón Fernández, Aitami Cruz Rodríguez,
David Del Campo Díaz, Alejandro Duarte Álvarez, Eneko González Ormaetxea, Juan Manuel González Sierra,
Marta Hevia Braga., Kevin Morán Goulart, Rosalis Quezada Ramírez, Juan José Rodríguez Alfonso, Esther Sánchez
Varela, Daniel Vega Fernández, Tiago Yakio Inoue, Ángel Zapico Encina
Class 6º:
Sergio Álvarez Delgado, Claudia Estrada García, Victoria García Espina, Irina Gomarín Rodríguez, Marcos González
Álvarez, Iván González González, María Groba Salgueiro, Sandra Lobo González, Ángela Mediavilla Núñez, Elena
Pérez Tirador, Inés Pintado Alcoba, Esmailin Quezada Ramírez, Niels Joaquín Sánchez Beltré, Tamara Segovia
Bartolomé, José Daniel Casas Teixeira, Luis Vargas Vargas, Francisco Vázquez González, Sergio Zapico Gutiérrez.
Theachers: Montserrat Cachero López
Rocío Ares Díaz
María Teresa García Menéndez
Ludivina de la Riva Fernández
With the colaboration of all the staff meeting.
In coordination with his workers of the Direzione Didattica 1º Circolo School of Lauria - Italy,
where the project responsible is the teacher Carmina Ielpo.

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