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Framework Agreements for Older
People and People with a Physical
Presentation by Mick Moorhouse
Strategic Commissioning Director
• Self Directed Support
• Services are focused on outputs not
• Approx 170 providers across Hampshire
• Terms of Inclusion not reviewed since late
• Variations in hourly rates across the county
• Financial Climate
• Comprehensive Spending Review
Framework Agreements
• Definition –
A Framework Agreement (FA) is a general
term for agreements with providers who have
gone through a full tendering process. It sets
out the terms and conditions under which
specific purchases can be made but places
no contractual obligation on the County
How the Framework Supports OPPD
• Diverse range of high quality, experienced providers
• Supporting the growth and development of skilled
• Informed choice for individuals - information about
the skills and experience of organisations.
• More responsive commissioning based on individual
• Enable more people to be supported in their own
• Responds to what people have asked for – local
providers with the relevant skills and knowledge.
Overview of Domiciliary Care Framework
• The objective of this tender process is a FA
consisting of providers who collectively will be able to
cover the whole of Hampshire, and, where
applicable, will be able to support individuals with a
wide range of support needs.
• The FA will ensure the quality of providers. It is not a
guarantee of work, however, once the FA is in place,
all the provision of domiciliary care commissioned by
HCC will be exclusively from providers on the
• The contract will be for a period of 2+1+1 years
Highlights of the framework
• Rebates will apply to share the benefits of
economies of scale
• Only applies to business awarded off the
• Revised terms of inclusion
• Revised pricing Structure
• Service Users will be involved in the design of
the specification
Design Principles
• Listen to what the customer wants
• Ensure that service is able to respond quickly
• Integrate with Self Directed Support
Working to agreed support plans that focus on person centred
approaches and maximises independence.
Using Individual Service Funds
Work with and reward providers who offer the best service
Develop strategic partnerships with providers and trust them as
they understand customers better
Developing a service specification
Set up joint working group
Involve other stakeholders – consultation and engagement
– Providers
– Service users/carers
– Team meetings
– Partner agencies
Develop outcomes for the specification
Agree how will outcomes be delivered – inputs, processes and
Develop performance measures and outcomes indicators
Assess resource implications
Consultation and engagement on findings
Write up contract terms with legal service
Write specification with stakeholders
Final drafts for consultation to relevant stakeholders
Final amendments following consultation
Sign off
What next?
OJEU notice publish and PQQ made available.
PQQ Return Date.
PQQ Evaluation and short listing completed.
Invitation to tender issued to selected providers and unsuccessful
providers notified.
Tender Return Date.
Tender Evaluation Completed.
Best and Final Offers (B.A.F.O.)
Notification of successful providers and standstill period.
Contracts awarded.

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