PowerPoint Presentation - You can go to college!

You can go to college!
By: Mrs. Jones
What is college?
A college or university is where
people go to school after they graduate
from high school.
When can you go?
People can go to college after they graduate
from high school.
Elementary School (Grades K-5)
Middle School (Grades 6-8)
High School (Grades 9-12)
College (Grades 13….and up)
Where can you go to college?
There are colleges all over the world you
can attend.
Why do people go to college?
Many jobs require for you to learn
more information past the 12th grade.
What jobs require college?
Can you think of more?
How about…
Where will you live when you
go to college?
Many college students live in a building called a dormitory.
It has many rooms that the students decorate themselves.
Most college students share their rooms with a roommate.
What will you eat when you
go to college?
Many students will eat in a cafeteria when they go to
You collect the food you want to eat and sit with other
students for each meal.
What will you learn?
Many times you get to choose the classes you
want to take.
If you like science, you can take many science classes.
If you like art, you can take many art classes.
How do people have fun while
at college?
Many students join a sport while in college.
People also like to …
Go to football games…
Be with friends….
College Quiz!
What jobs require you to go to college?
Where are colleges?
When can you go to college?
Where do you live and eat when in college?
What will you learn when you are in college?
You’re a college whiz!

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