Columbia/Snake River Spill Response
The Mission:
to prepare for,
and respond to,
oil spills from the
dams of the
Columbia and Snake River Systems.
A collaborative initiative developed by the
Washington State Department of Ecology
Spills Program, the United States Army Corps
of Engineers, and the Chelan, Douglas, and
Grant County Public Utility Districts
Columbia & Snake River Projects
Project Specific Spill Plans (PSSP)
• Included as an annex to SPCC
or as a stand-alone document
• Spill Plan to use when spills
 Call Down List (Includes Internal/External
Notifications and Project Spill Response Team)
 Initial Incident Action Plan Kit, IAP models and blank
ICS 201s, ICS 202s, HAW, Other useful forms.
 Project Specific-Geographic Response Plans (Deploy
as appropriate ahead of the response contractors)
Work Sheet for Each Project
Project Name: The Dalles
Lead Person:
Jim Dennis
January 24, 2005
• Item 1. Identify strategies for first priority deployments ahead
of Contractor responses. (Contractors are between 2- 6 hours
away from Projects)
1. GRP 191.3, 1000 feet of boom. Deflection strategy.
2. The Dalles Marina, 500 feet of boom. Collection strategy.
• Item 2. Identify type and quantity of resources needed to
accomplish the strategies.
1. While many types and kinds of boom are available, “Super Swamp Boom”
was suggested as a proven tool for consideration.
• Item 3. Develop a plan and time frame to purchase resources, receive
and maintain training, test deployments, and create a specific annex
to the Project Specific Spill Plan for Columbia River or Snake River
1. Equipment will be purchased and in place by July, 2006.
2. Fast Water training (EPA) will be completed by August, 2006.
Strategy Maps…..
a map and satellite image
have been incorporated into
each strategy
satellite image with boom deployment
drawn in
GRP on-water proofing
Very Important !!
Ensure strategy on paper
can be accomplished in
On Going Program
• Training
– Fast water booming
– Swift water rescue
– ICS IAP Development
o Drills
− Deployment
− Tabletop
Expanding the CSR-SRI
•Expanded Agency Involvement
•Oregon DEQ
•Public Emergency Response Groups.
•Expanded Private Involvement
•Commercial River Transportation Companies
•Other River Located Oil Handling Facilities
Expanding the CSR-SRI
•Website as a tool
•Information and education
•Resources for responders
•Training Opportunities
•Project Site Specific Plans (PSSP)
Expanding the CSR-SRI
•Website as a tool
Oil Spill Equipment Cache Program
Ecology Grants
for Response
Purchases and
Each cache is given to
selected response agency
for Columbia and Snake
River deployment during oil
spill emergencies. The
caches can be moved and
used as necessary.
•Okanogan DEM
•Chelan DEM
•Chelan PUD
•Douglas PUD
•Grant PUD
•Tri County Hazmat
•Port of Kennewick
•Bingen Fire Department
•Yakama Nation
•Asotin FD 1
•Port of Camas/Washougal
•Wahkiakum PUD
•Port of Chinook
•Port of Cathlamet
The Future CSR-SRI
• Develop Joint Training and Drills
Programs between CSR-SRI
• Establish Mutual Aid Agreements
for Deployments
• Make Equipment Caches
Available to all CSR-SRI Members.
• Develop a More Formal
Communications System (regular
meetings, updated website)
• Explore Other Ideas and Concepts
Comments and Questions
• So what do you think ??
• What are the next steps ?
• When are we going to take
those steps ?

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