Year 9 Extended Homework Task Autobiographies

Year 9 Extended Homework Task
What is an autobiography…?
• The story of someone’s life – written by them.
• Describes experiences and events of that
person’s life.
• Different to a diary because it is written some
times after the events have happened.
• Although it is a non-fiction text, it often has
elements of fiction. Stories are often
exaggerated and embellished and lots of
description is often included.
Your Task
Your aim over the next few weeks is to create
your own autobiography.
You will be asked to read a series of extracts
from famous autobiographies and then
complete a series of tasks that will form
chapters for your project.
Don’t worry, we won’t be asking you to write a
full novel!!
Each chapter will only require you to write a few
paragraphs with a specific topic in mind.
How much you write is down to you – if you
want to write pages and pages then go for it!
But, we won’t expect you to write any more
than a page of A4 for each section.
What will I talk about…
Each section of your project will come under the
following headings:
Early childhood
A special person
A special place
A significant memory
Hopes and ambitions for the future
In the first week you will be given two tasks to
complete. Extracts and tasks will be available
on the VLE for you to access at school and
There will then be four further tasks for you to
complete. One task will be published each
week and the final project should be handed
into your English teacher on 5th July 2013.
To really impress your English teacher there will
be an extension task that will run alongside
your written autobiography. This will require
you to use media technology or your artistic
This will be available on the VLE from today.
The first 2 tasks, as well as the extension task, will be
published on the VLE today – Monday 3rd June. A new task
will be published on each subsequent Monday and your
teacher will run through this during Monday’s English
• 10th June – Task 3
• 17th June – Task 4
• 24th June – Task 5
• 1st July – Task 6
The final project should be handed in on July 5th 2013.
Extra Help…
As this will be your homework for English over
the next few weeks, you will receive no
additional homework. If you need extra help
or guidance completing this project then YOU
MUST see your English teacher for extra
Remember 5th July will be your final deadline!

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