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Iruma Kravale
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development
Head of Development Instruments Department
28 November 2013, Riga
ETC programmes in Latvia 2014-2020
 Estonia – Latvia CBC
 Latvia – Lithuania CBC - Managing Authority to be in Latvia
 Central Baltic CBC
 Latvia – Russia ENI
 Latvia – Lithuania – Belarus ENI
 Baltic Sea Region transnational cooperation programme;
Programme 2007-2013
 60 million EUR funding (ERDF)
 More than 120 projects
 More than 600 project partners
I Priority: Encouragement of Socio Economic Development and
Competitiveness of the Region
EUR: 23 558 759.00
II Priority: Attractive Living Environment and Development of
Sustainable Community
EUR: 36 523 707.00
Programme 2014-2020
Selected Thematic objectives:
Social inclusion
Local or regional public authorities
National institutions
Public equivalent bodies
Non-govermental organisations
Target groups:
General public in participating countries
and regions (including local communities,
tourists, NGO’s, stakeholders, relevant
national authorities, other relevant
Thematic objective 6
Protecting the environment and promoting resource
Selected investment priorities:
Type of support:
 Protection, promotion and
 Development and use of tools for sustainable
management of existing cultural and natural
heritage objects.
 Protection and restoration of
 Efficient environmental resource and risk
development of cultural and
natural heritage.
biodiversity, soil protection and
promotion of ecosystem services
including NATURA 2000 and
green infrastructures.
 Actions to improve the urban
 Development of urban environment, focusing
on sites and territories with environmental
problems that delay economic development.
environment, including
regeneration of brown field sites
and reduction of air pollution.
Author: Bob Peterson
Author: Bob Peterson
Thematic objective 8
Promoting employment and supporting labor mobility
Selected investment priorities:
 Development of business
incubators and investment support
for self-employment,
microenterprises and business
Type of support:
 Business support services.
 Self-employment, microenterprises and
business creation.
 Road infrastructure.
 Integrating cross border labor
markets, including cross border
mobility, joint local employment
initiatives and joint training.
Author: Alex Proimos
Thematic objective 9
Promoting social inclusion and combating poverty
Selected investment priorities:
 Investing in health and social
infrastructure which contribute to
national, regional and local
development, reducing in social
inequalities in terms of health
status, and transition from
institutional to community-based
Type of support:
 Social and health services and infrastructure.
 Infrastructure investments in childcare, elderly
care and long-term care.
 Investments targeted to remove and prevent
accessibility barriers.
 Support for physical and
economic regeneration of
deprived urban and rural
Author: Karen Beate Nøsterud
Thematic objective 11
Enhancing institutional capacity and an efficient
public administration
Selected investment priority:
 Promoting legal and administrative
cooperation and cooperation
between citizens and institutions.
Type of support:
 Improve efficiency of public services.
 Improve cooperation between citizens and
Provisions for simplification
 Development of new IT system for managing Programme
interventions and in particular for the exchange of data.
 Flat rate applied for staff and administration costs.
 Development of pre-payment system.
 Flexibility on project budget (a certain percentage that can
be reported in in different work packages/budget lines
without prior accept).
 Simplification of project changes procedure.
Reinforcing effectiveness and performance
Time frame for submission the final version of the OP to the European
Commission: April 2014.
What Latvia-Lithuania programme expects to achieve by 2020?
 New and maintained jobs
 Support to business development
 Investments in physical, economic and social infrastructure
 Investments in environment protection, energy efficiency
 Investments in roads, routes
 New and extended cooperation networks
 New cooperation agreements
 New joint cultural, natural, urban and rural actions
 Trainings and events for inhabitants of Latvia and Lithuania
Estonia – Latvia CBC programme 2014-2020
Selected TO:
 TO 3: enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs
 TO6: protecting the environment and promoting resource
 TO 7: promoting sustainable transport and removing
bottlenecks in key network infrastructures
 TO8: Promoting employment and supporting labour
Possibility for implementation of pre-definied projects
of strategic relevance
Latvia – Russia ENI CBC programme 2014-2020
Agreement on the following TO:
 Promotion of border management and border security;
 Environmental protection, climate change adaption,
disaster prevention/management
 Business and SME development
Possibility for implementation of pre-definied large
scale investments projects
Latvia – Lithuania – Belarus ENI CBC programme
Discussions on the following TO:
 Business and SME development / Promotion of social inclusion and
fight against poverty
 Support to local & regional good governance;
 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and disasters
 Promotion of local culture and preservation of historical heritage
Agreed on:
 Promotion of border management, and border security
Possibility for implementation of pre-definied large scale
investments projects
National Responsible Institution for ETC in Latvia:
The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development
Peldu str. 25, Riga, LV-1494, Latvia
Phone: +371 6702 6539
E-mail: [email protected]

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