Guru Nanak Dev ji and Wali Qandhari

Guru Nanak Dev ji
& Wali Qandhari
• After traveling through Middle East and many
other countries, Guru Nanak Dev ji reached a
place called Hassan Abdal. It is about fifty
kilometers from Rawalpindi in Pakistan.
• Guru Ji stayed at Hassan Abdal near the
• People came to know about Guru Ji and began
to gather around him.
• Guru Ji talked to them about God. He told
them the greatness of God and His creation.
Numerous people began to gather around him
every day.
• A Muslim Priest lived on the top of a hill.
• His name was Bawa Wali Qandhari.
• His house was near a spring of fresh water.
The water flowed down to the town from
spring on top of the hill near Wali's house.
• The spring was the only source of water for
the town.
• People relied on the spring to carry their basic
• Wali Qandhari was an arrogant person.
• When he saw people gathering around Guru
Nanak Dev ji instead of his place, he became very
jealous and angry.
• He stopped the spring water from flowing down
to the town.
• The people became frustrated. How could they
and their cattle live without water?
• A group of them went to Wali Qandhari
& requested him to let the water flow down, as
• Bawa Wali Qandhari in full anger said,
• "Go to your Guru, the one you visit everyday
and ask for water from him.“
Bhai Mardana ji returned to Guru ji and narrated what
Wali Qandhari said to him.
Guru ji sent him once again but Mardana ji came back
with the same story.
People got more and more frustrated each second.
Guru ji said, “Don't lose your heart.
God is great and merciful.
God can make springs flow from
wherever He wishes.
“Let us all pray to Him.”
They all prayed. Then Guru Nanak Dev Ji lifted a stone.
At once, a stream of fresh water began to flow from the
place Guru lifted the stone.
• At the same time, Wali Qandhari's spring dried up.
• He was filled with anger and pushed a large rock from the top
of the hill towards Guru ji.
• The rock came rolling down towards Guru ji.
• Wali Qandhari thought that the rock would crush Guru Ji to
death but Guru ji quietly raised his hand and the rock stopped
at the instant it struck Guru ji’s hand.
• Guru ji’s hand was imprinted on the rock.
• Wali Qandhari's pride was broken.
• He came down and fell at the Guru's feet.
• Guru ji said,
• “Rise my friend”.
• “Live as devotees of God should live”.
• “Be kind and share with everyone”
• The rock still exists. There is a beautiful Gurudwara Sahib at
that place called the Panja Sahib.
Wali throws a rock at Guru ji
Gurduwara Panja Sahib
Shrine of Hazrat Baba Wali Qandhari at
hill top at Hassan Abdal

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