Korean Traditional Puppet Ggogdu gagsi - Ji won

Korean Traditional PuppetGgogdu gagsi
Seo Woo & Ji won^_^
History of Puppet
We don’t know exact year that started to
At first, Ggogdu gagsi was a Korean
traditional role-play.
Role play became famous so main puppet’s
name became Ggogdu gagsi.
Also, some people say that it origins at song.
What the puppet looks like
and description
It looks like normal person. But, each of the puppet
has their own facial expressions.
For example, it describes when people are happy, sad
and angry.
Wearing Korean traditional costume, but now, wearing
all different costumes
How are they made
It is made by Korean paper, Hanji. which is
easily make artwork.
Korean people cut this paper into many pieces
and stick into shape of people.
What stories do the puppets
act out
It acts out common people at ancient
Common people acts like rich people
during the role-playing with props.
Also, they act out their daily life.
eg) What they did today, How did they feel
Name: Ji won, Seo Woo
4.9.2013.Tuesday AM10:45
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