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Recycler Responsibilities
Amanda Baribeau
August 11, 2010
Recycler Responsibilities
• 59 registered recyclers accept covered electronic
devices (CED’s) from households or collectors of
these devices in Minnesota. Recyclers dismantle for
further processing or process the devices into raw
materials for use in new products.
• Register and report annually to MPCA by July 15.
• Report:
– The weight of CEDs recycled from Minnesota
households from July 1 to June 30.
– Source of pounds (metro area or outside)
• CEDs – Covered Electronic Devices: includes
computers, peripherals (keyboard, printers,
input devices), fax machines, DVD players,
VCR’s and video display devices
• VDDs – Video Display Devices: TV or computer
monitor, including laptops, that contains a
cathode-ray tube or a flat panel display with >
9” diagonal screen.
Recycler Responsibilities
• Recyclers can only accept household CED’s from registered
• Periodically review registered list at
• When receiving e-waste from collectors, recyclers need to
verify how many pounds are from households vs. business
• All of the material needs to be collected during the program
year (let’s call it A)
• It needs to be physically at the processor that same
program year
• Some processing can occur in the subsequent program
• All of the pounds MUST be reported and sold in the A
program year

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