Habit 4 Think Win-Win

Habit 4
Think Win-Win
Freshman Advisory
March, 2013
*** Material is created from 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Let’s See What Win-Win is Not…..
 Win-Lose – The Totem Pole
 This is when people only want to win and don’t care if
others lose. You win, someone else loses.
 Lose-Win – The Doormat
 This is when people allow others to win even when it
means they lose. You lose, someone else wins.
 Lose-Lose – The Downward Spiral
 This is when people believe that if they go down, then
others must go down with them. You both lose.
What Win-Win is……
 Win-Win – The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
 The belief that everyone can win; there is more than enough to
go around for everyone
 It’s not you or me – it’s both of us
 Examples:
 Your best friend just got accepted to the college you wanted to
go to. You didn’t make it. Although you feel terrible, you are
genuinely happy for your friend.
 You want to go out for dinner. Your friend wants to see a
movie. You jointly decide to rent a movie and pick up food to
eat at home.
Triple Up
 Place yourself or have your teacher place you in trios.
 You will discuss the four ways of looking at situations
with your trio.
 This is for educational purposes. Please participate and
only share stories appropriate for school and personal
comfort level.
 Let’s have a little fun (you could always make up a
situation too).
Win - Lose
 Discuss an experience where you practiced or witnessed
a win-lose situation or where someone acted in a winlose way towards you.
 How did you feel?
 How might have this person behaved differently?
 Discuss an experience where you, someone you know
(leaving out names) or a made up situation had a losewin mentality.
 How did/do you feel about it?
 Would you or should they have done something
 What advice would you give the people in the situation?
 Discuss some lose-lose examples from history or current
news events.
 What might one side have done differently?
 Is there ever a time when lose-lose might be appropriate?
Win-Win 
 Each person in your trio should do the following:
 Share your definition of Win-Win.
 Use examples from your own life.
 Complete the following sentences:
 It is hardest for me to think win-win when:
 It is easiest for me to think win-win when:
 When I practice win-win thinking, I enjoy the following
Can you do more WinWin thinking?
 Sure……
 It just takes some work.
 Things you can do today:
 If you play sports, show sportsmanship. Compliment someone
from the opposing team after the match or game, even if you
 Do you have an important test coming up soon? If so, form a
study group and share your best ideas with each other. You’ll
all do better.
 The next time someone close to you succeeds, be genuinely
happy for them instead of feeling threatened.
Make the Commitment
 To practice Win-Win thinking at least once this week.
 Think about how it makes you feel.
 Think about how it makes others feel.
 To talk to adults in your life about their Win-Win

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