ELA Parent Night - Newark Central School / Overview

ELA Parent Night
Welcome and thank you
for coming!
1. To help parents understand the components
of the Common Core ELA Curriculum
2. To show parents how their children are being
taught reading and writing so that they will
be able to be prepared for state
assessments, as well as be successful with
daily reading and writing tasks in class
3. To give parents ideas of how to help at home
5:30-5:50 - whole group
Break Out Sessions:
6:00 – 6:15 Close Reading/Getting the
Gist (122)
6:20-6:35 Independent Reading – at home
and school (114)
6:40-6:55Text Based Evidence (116)
NYS Common Core vs Curriculum
• Common Core is the Standards that our
curriculum is based upon
• Modules are the curriculum we have chosen
to use as a tool to teach the standards
• State Tests are the assessments the state uses
to ensure the standards have been taught
Shifts in ELA/Literacy
Shift 1
Balancing Informational
& Literary Text
Students read a true balance of informational and literary texts.
Shift 2
Knowledge in the Disciplines
Students build knowledge about the world (domains/ content
areas) through TEXT rather than the teacher or activities
Shift 3
Staircase of Complexity
Students read the central, grade appropriate text around which
instruction is centered. Teachers are patient, create more time
and space and support in the curriculum for close reading.
Shift 4
Text-based Answers
Students engage in rich and rigorous evidence based
conversations about text.
Shift 5
Writing from Sources
Writing emphasizes use of evidence from sources to inform or
make an argument.
Shift 6
Academic Vocabulary
Students constantly build the transferable vocabulary they
need to access grade level complex texts. This can be done
effectively by spiraling like content in increasingly complex
Common Core for 3-5
Expeditionary Learning
Close Reading
Text Discussions
Citing Evidence
Writing from Sources
Writing and Reading are Integrated
Sample ELA Test Question
Read the following sentence from the first
“The snow lay in waves and glistened like
sugar.” The author uses the word sugar to
show that
A. the hare was thinking about food
B. the snow looked sparkly
C. sugar was on the snow
D. the snow tasted sweet
Sample ELA Test Question
Short constructive response for ‘The
Poplar Tree’
Why is Iris an important part of the
story? Give 2 details to support your
Sample ELA Test Question
Extended constructed response for ‘The
Poplar Tree’
Describe the way a poplar tree grows
its branches. Explain why the tree
decides to grow them this way and how
the actions of the Old Man, Iris, Zeus,
and Mercury lead to his decision. Use
details from the story to support your
How does the Common Core help students
to be able to access questions like this?
Common Core Standards
stresses the importance of
student discovery.
The focus is on the process
not just the content.
Please follow the schedule you
received when you came in tonight to
go to your first session.
We will make an announcement when
it is time to move to your next
At the end of the evening, please
leave your question cards at the
front table and we will make sure
that your questions get answered.
Thank you
for joining
us tonight!

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