Benchmarking for GU10 lamps
Ledison versus
Osram & Philips
Two types of GU10 lamps
• Philips calls the GU10 short a GU10 Perfect fit
• Osram calls all GU10’s Par16 lamps
• Ledison calls the long GU10’s Par16 and the short version
• Sylvania calls the short GU10’s “ES50” (extra short 50mm) and
the long GU10’s “Par16”
• Short lamps have to be compared with short lamps and long
lamps with long lamps
• It is much easier to build long GU10’s /Par16’s since the
heatsinks are much larger and can dissipate more heat
• The driver can also be less sophisticated as it has a lot more
• It is the ultimate goal of Philips and Osram to eliminate the
long GU10 lamps (par16) but in the absence of suitable short
GU10 they keep on selling the old lamps
Best short GU10 lamps per brand
6W GU10
Perfect fit
Single focus
320 Lumen
5.2W Par16
Multi focus
310 Lumen
7.5W MR16 GU10
Single focus diamond
cut optics
450 Lumen
7.5W Par16 short
Limited Dimmable
Multi focus
350 Lumen Dimmable
430 Lumen non-dim
Best long GU10 lamps per brand
Philips 8W
440 Lumen
Multi focus
Osram 10W
450 Lumen
Multi focus
Ledison 8W
400 Lumen
Multi focus
Comparable options
• To compete with Philips and Osram on the short
GU10 ; customer can buy the following lamp
350 Lumen
Ultra Dimmable
Single Focus Optics
25D and 40D
USP versus competition;
better output, better efficacy, better dimming, better price, single focus
Real Value lies in retrofit size
Ledison out performs competition on all features !
Best Philips, Osram, Sylvania & Ledison lamp – comparison;
Osram 10W
Non-perfect fit
Multi focus
450 Lumen
Philips 8W *
Non-perfect fit
Multi focus
440 Lumen
Sylvania 7.5W
Perfect fit
Ltd Dimmable
Multi focus
430 Lumen
Ledison 7.5W
Perfect fit
Ultra Dimmable
Single focus
450 Lumen
Trends for GU10 lamps
• GU10 lamps are preferably “perfect fit”, long lamps
(Par16) do not fit in 30% of the fixtures with GU10
• All LED reflector lamps are preferably single focus if
possible with a “halogen-look-alike” optical lens
• All GU10 lamps preferably dim from 100-0%
• All GU10 lamps preferably work on both leadingand trailing edge dimmer types
Why are Ledison GU10 lamps better than the
competitors lamps at all levels?
• Ledison GU10 lamps are “perfect fit” sized yet they come with
output levels of the long GU10 lamps of Philips and Osram
GU10 lamps are single focus and come with a highly desired
“halogen-look-alike” optical lens. The best GU10’s of Osram,
Philips & Sylvania all come with multi LED , multi focus optics
• Ledison GU10 lamps dim from 100-0%
• Ledison GU10 lamps work on both leading- and trailing edge
dimmer types whereas Philips, Osram and Sylvania lamps do
not work well on both types. On many dimmers they flicker.
Ledison has the perfect fit short form GU10 lamps that outperform all specifications of short form lamps of the competition
Ledison does not need to promote long Par16’s as their short
form lamps are matching the performance levels of the Par16
long lamps of the competition
Customer has two options;
• Sell a much better lamp than the competition
• Sell a comparable lamp as the competition but at a better
price point

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