The Purpose Statement John W. Creswell

The Purpose Statement
John W. Creswell
授課教師:任維廉 教授
Significance and meaning of a purpose
 A qualitative purpose statement
 A quantitative purpose statement
 A mixed methods purpose statement
Significance and Meaning of a Purpose
Establish the direction for the research
 Indicate “why you want to do the study and
what you intent to accomplish”
 Set the objectives, the intent, and the major
idea of a proposal or a study
A Qualitative Purpose Statement
Use words such as “purpose,” “intent,” or
 Focus on a single phenomenon (or concept or
 Use action verbs to convey how learning will
take place
 Use neutral words
A Qualitative Purpose Statement
Provide a general working definition of the
central phenomenon or idea
 Include words denoting the strategy of inquiry
 Mention the participants in the study
 Identify the site for the research
A Qualitative Purpose Statement
The purpose of this _______ (strategy of
inquiry, such as ethnography, case study, or
other type) study is (was? will be?) to _______
(understand? describe? develop? discover?) the
_______ (central phenomenon being studied)
for _______ (the participants) at _______
(research site). At this stage in the research, the
_______ (central phenomenon being studied)
will be generally defined as _______ (provide
a general definition).
A Quantitative Purpose Statement
Focus on relating or comparing variables or
Independent variables
 Dependent variables
 Intervening or mediating variables
 Control variables and confounding variables
A Quantitative Purpose Statement
Words to signal the major intent of the study
 Identification of the theory, models, or
conceptual framework
 Identification of the independent and
dependent variables
 Words that connect the independent and
dependent variables
A Quantitative Purpose Statement
A position or ordering of the variables from
left to right
 Mention the specific type of strategy of inquiry
used in the study
 Reference to the participants and mention of
the research site
 A general definition for each key variable
A Quantitative Purpose Statement
The purpose of this _______ (experiment? survey?) study is
(was? will be?) to test the theory of _______ that _______
(compares? relates?) the _______ (independent variable) to
_______ (dependent variable), controlling for _______
(control variables) for _______ (participants) at _______ (the
research site).
The independent variable(s) _______ will be generally defined
as _______ (provide a general definition). The dependent
variable(s) will be generally defined as _______ (provide a
general definition), and the control and intervening variable(s),
_______, (identify the control and intervening variables) will
be statistically controlled in the study.
A Mixed Methods Purpose Statement
Begin with signaling words
 Indicate the type of mixed methods design
 Discuss a rationale for combining both
quantitative and qualitative data
 Include the characteristics of a good qualitative
and quantitative purpose statement
 Consider adding information about the specific
types of data collection
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