• What are the dates for each of the Egyptian
• Put completed Bellringers in the tray
• Complete your survey for Yearbook
• Continue working on your Egyptian Kingdom
• Who was Hatshepsut (Pg. 70-71, Menes (Pg.
68), and Thutmose III (Pg. 70-71)?
Section 1 Review
1. How did the Nile River affect the lives of the
early Egyptians and Nubians?
Annual flooding provided fertile land to farm
2. How did trade develop in various places
along the Nile?
Nile was natural highway for Egyptian boats to go to
other countries for trading
Section 2: Egypt’s Powerful Kings
and Queens
Egypt’s God-Kings
• Hatshepsut was one of the many famous Egyptian
pharaohs, or king, to rule Egypt
• The history of ancient Egypt is the history of each of its
dynasties- series of rulers from the same family
• Had 31 dynasties until it was conquered by the Greek
ruler Alexander the Great in 332 B.C.
• Historians group Egypt’s dynasties into three main time
periods called kingdoms: Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom,
& New Kingdom
Egypt’s God-Kings Cont.
• Gaps between kingdoms were times of
troubles--wars, invasions, weak rulers
• Egypt’s first dynasty began when a king
named Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt
• This king wore two crowns symbolizing Upper
and Lower Egypt
• The united of Egypt began one of the most
stable civilizations in history that lasted for
more than 2,500 years
All-Powerful Pharaohs
• Pharaohs had absolute power over their
• Whatever the pharaoh decided became law
• Pharaoh was also a religious leader
• Egyptians believed the pharaoh provided his
people with the Nile’s yearly floods and the
harvests that followed
Two Thousand Years of Power
• Egypt grew and prospered during its first six
dynasties during the Old Kingdom
• Had stable rulers and a well-run system of
• Pharaohs kept peace with Nubia and sent
merchants to eastern coast of Mediterranean
to find timber
• Timber was used to build houses, boats, and
Two Thousand Years of Power Cont.
• Near the end of the Old Kingdom, governors in
the provinces began to challenge the power of
the pharaohs
• Egypt’s unity crumbled and the dynasties grew
• Early dynasties of the Middle Kingdom restored
order and united the kingdom
• Pharaohs spent money on irrigation projects and
built a canal between the Nile and Red Sea
• Egypt grew even richer
• Less stable rulers followed and they lost control
to foreign invaders
Two Thousand Years of Power Cont.
• Egyptian princes became strong enough to
drive out the invaders around 1550 B.C.
• This event marks the start of the New
• First pharaohs of New Kingdom wanted to
build an empire
• Pharaohs created huge armies of foot soldier,
mounted warriors, warrior chariots, bronze
swords and body armor make Egypt nearly
A Powerful Queen, a Great Pharaoh
• Around 1500 B.C., a child named Thutmose III
became pharaoh
• Because of his age, his stepmother was appointed
regent-someone who rules for a child until the
child is old enough to rule
• His stepmother was Hatshepsut who had herself
proclaimed pharaoh
• She ruled Egypt for almost 22 years
• When Thutmose III grew up, she refused to give
him the throne
• He took over when she died and had all of her
statues destroyed
A Powerful Queen, a Great Pharaoh Cont.
• Thutmose III was one of the greatest pharaohs of the
New Kingdom
• He led his army in wars against Syria and Phoenicia
• Egyptian troops advanced as far east as the Euphrates
River and south into Nubia
• Unlike other rulers of his time, he treated defeated
people with mercy
• The New Kingdom began to decline around 1075 B.C.
• Civil war left Egypt weak and poorly defended
• Alexander the Great conquered Egypt follow by the
• Egypt did not govern itself again for almost 2,000 years
Section 2 Review
1. How did Egypt’s rulers govern their empire?
Pharaohs had total power over the government, economy, and
military of Egypt
2. Describe some of the accomplishments of the Old
Time of peace and prosperity. Near end, governors challenged
pharaohs and kingdom grew weak
3. Describe some of the accomplishment of the Middle
Restored order, united the country, and completed irrigation
4. Describe some of the accomplishments of the New
Drove foreigners out of the country, created huge armies, and
began building an empire
• Each student will get a blank sheet of computer
paper and create a poster that lists the
accomplishments made during each of the three
• Posters should be divided into the Old Kingdom,
Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom with the title
Egyptian Kingdoms at the top
• Put the dates of each Kingdom under the
appropriate section
• Look throughout Section 2 and your notes for
information to put on your poster
• Must have 4 facts and 1 picture for each Kingdom
• Must have COLOR!!!

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