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Tolson Telecom Company
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CLEAR WiMAX Value Propositions
• Speed: Super fast internet
• Consistency: At home or on-the-go,
CLEAR provides consistent speeds
that you can rely on.
• Simplicity: Easy to install. Easy to
use. We keep things CLEAR!
• Openness: CLEAR supported by
robust vendor ecosystem
• CLEAR uses a 4G technology that
differs from Wi-Fi called WiMAX, which
provides service areas measured in
miles, not feet.
• WiMAX technology provides:
– Wider coverage, higher capacity, mobility
and a single standard
– High speed of broadband service
– Wireless rather than wired access, therefore
much less expensive than Cable or DSL and
much easier to extend to suburban and rural
– Broad coverage like cell phone network
(instead of small Wi-Fi hotspots)
CLEAR products = Choices
Clear Modem
Clear USB Modem
CLEAR 4G+ Mobile USB
Clear Voice Adapter
Clear Modem
• Provides Internet access via WiMAX
• Self-installed – no software, no technician
• Move the connection anywhere, anytime
• Target market = Consumer and small
business (5-8 employees)
Clear Modem Installation
Optimally position with antenna facing window. Move modem slowly in quarter turns until 2-3 consistent lights.
Clear Modem Troubleshooting
Know your towers’ locations
Position with antenna facing tower, near window
Move modem slowly in quarter turns until 2-3 consistent lights
Unplug power and Ethernet cables, wait 5 secs, then reconnect
power only wait 30-45 secs. Adjust modem until 2-3 flashing
bars then reconnect Ethernet cable.
• Verify LED indicators
• If customer is comfortable doing so, they can disable/modify
anti-virus and firewall settings
• Call Customer Care - explain what has been done
Clear USB Modem
• Works with XP/Vista or Mac OS
– Connection Manager supports both 32-bit and
64-bit versions of Windows
• Go anywhere in our coverage area
• Same super fast Internet you get at home
– 4 Mbps download**, 1 Mbps upload on all plans
** with a Pick 1, 2 or 3 plan: No Cap
(average 3-6 Mbps, bursts up to 10 Mbps/1 Mbps)
• Mobile users and home/business users
CLEAR 4G+ Mobile USB
• Integrates both EVDO (3G) and WiMAX
(4G); connects to CLEAR’s network when
available and 3G service outside of CLEAR
• First USB modem offering CDMA and
WiMAX in one device
• Average speed of 3-6 Mbps with bursts of
up to 10 Mbps
• Target market = Mobile users who travel
outside of CLEAR’s coverage areas
• Accessory that allows Wi-Fi enabled devices
to access CLEAR’s WiMAX network
• Four-hour rechargeable battery life
– Can also run on AC power
• One-time cost of $139.99
• Target Audience: 5-8 Users
– Examples: Student study group, picnic in the park,
day at the beach, mobile coffee shop, etc.
• 4G+ modem compatible with CLEAR Spot
(firmware update required to CLEAR Spot device)
– Firmware update v2.4 available
– CLEAR Spot will not recognize CLEAR 4G+
modem until update installed
Clear Voice
• Plug it into your Clear Modem and talk all you
• One low monthly service price ($25.00)
• Unlimited calls to anywhere in the US, Canada
and Puerto Rico
• Great low International rates
• Extraordinary Features
(e.g. Simultaneous Ring, Voicemail to Email)
• Requires Clear Home Modem
Ordinary Features
• Caller ID
• Call Waiting
• Call Forwarding
• Basic Voicemail
• Do Not Disturb
• 3-Way Calling
• E911 Compliance
• Local Number Portability
Extraordinary Features
• Remote Management
• Advanced Call Forwarding
• Simultaneous Ring
• Voicemail to E-mail
• Call Blocking
• Call Screening & Adv. DND
• Call Activity History
• Portability
• Secondary Phone Numbers
Fax & Analog Lines
• Fax machines work
• LNP ( Local Number Portability) available
• Analog Line Devices work, including
– Credit Card Machines / DirecTV & Dish DVR
– “Rule One”: Use Ethernet first
– Requires *99 Dial Prefix
• Alarm systems: NOT recommended, NOT supported
Requirements & Conditions
• Existing Clear Broadband
• Analog Phone
• Preferably a 5.8 GHz Multi-Station
• Minimum CINR/Cheetah ≥ 8
• Call quality and RF quality are directly
related. If our customer has poor
wireless signal, they will have a poor
voice experience.
Clear Broadband
Power Required – will not work during
power outages without a backup power
Dialing Restrictions
No 900/976
No inbound collect calls
Wireless number porting available
• Rate Centers must match
White Pages listings
• Ported numbers retain listing
• CLEAR numbers NOT listed
Included & Required Equipment
• In the Box
Clear Voice Adapter
Power Adapter
Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guide
Ethernet Cable
Linksys 2102
(Clear Voice Adapter)
• Requirements (not included)
– High-Speed Internet
– Telephone (preferably 5.8 GHz
– Computer with Internet access
(required to activate service, not
to make or receive phone calls)
Power Cable
Quick Start Guide
Combination Plans and Promos
Pick 3 Unlimited
DL: No Speed Cap/UL: Up to 1Mbps
Unlimited Usage/Unlimited Local & LD
Choose One:
Home + Mobile + Home Voice
Pick 2 Unlimited
DL: No Speed Cap/UL: Up to 1Mbps
Unlimited Usage/Unlimited Local & LD
Choose One:
Home + Mobile
Mobile + Mobile
Clear Voice Pricing Package
Clear Voice
Monthly Service Fee
No Commitment
Two-Year Agreement
• Equipment purchase = $15.00
– Full price is $50, one-time discount of $35
Additional Terms
• Two-year agreement or no commitment plans
– $35.00 activation on no commitment plans, including Voice
– Activation waived on two-year agreements, including Voice
• ETF:
All Plans
4G+ Dual Mode
Voice Plan
$120 pro-rated down by $4 per month
$200 pro-rated down by $8 per month
• Clear Voice available with Clear Modem only
The Sales Process
1. Engage the Prospect
2. Pre-Qualification
3. Ask Probing Questions
4. Present Custom Solution
5. Handle Objections
6. Close the Sale
7. Ask for Referrals and Follow-up
Purpose of Tracker
Reach out at 2 day, 2 week, 2 month and 5 month time frames
Have your customers at your fingertips
Answer questions
Get referrals and customer’s unique referral code
Build relationships
Clear USB Modem Installation
Customer must ALWAYS install software first
Insert Clear USB Modem
Click on “Connect”
Open Internet browser - accept Terms of Service
Access Internet
Software comes on CD
CLEAR 4G+ Mobile USB Installation
You’re on your way –
thank you for
choosing Clear!
Contact: 9WMediaGroup /Sales: 312-622-2160

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