Educational Activities
IEEE Region 4 Meeting
Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2004
Presenter: Hossein Mousavinezhad,
R4 Educational Activities Chair
Educational Activities Mission
The R4 Educational Activities (EA) Chair is responsible for coordinating the
educational activities of the Region
The Chair, committee members, and Section EA Chair carry out this
responsibility by developing educational programs to ensure:
The development of continuing education products and services that
serve the professional development and lifelong learning needs of electrotechnology professionals in the Region/Section
The continuous maintenance and improvement of engineering
education programs through active participation in accreditation activities
The technological literacy of pre-college students
Educational Resources
• Resources are available from IEEE for Lifelong
(Continuing Education)
• In addition, Region/Section and local resources
(Universities, Industry, Government) can be used. e.g.,
ECE Seminars offered by WMU in WMS and R4 EIT
• IEEE Center for Education & Training provides a
central platform for the collection, hosting and delivery
of educational and training materials
Educational Resources
Educational Resources
• Members can join Learning Communities - groups of individuals
who have a shared purpose and a common interest
– search the course database, find a conference, learn about new
• These Communities provide you with a forum to discuss vital
issues in your technical area, the latest articles and papers,
networking opportunities with others in your field, peer and expert
advice to help you in your job, and so much more
• Because of the rapid changes/development in the expertise areas
of IEEE members, it is essential that members be encouraged to
attend regular seminars, workshops, short courses, and
conferences. Information about these educational activities are
often available through Web sites, newsletters and regular

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