AMP Educators 9-9-2014x

Measures of Progress
September 9, 2014
James Herynk
Webinar Logistics
• Audio will be streamed through Adobe
• Audio is also available by calling 877-2788686 Pin: 961449
—If using the phone for as the audio source, MUTE
the Adobe connect sound to prevent feedback.
• Please hold questions until the end.
• All questions must be asked through the chat
box, located on the bottom right corner.
Overview of Webinar
Educator Role
KITE™ System
Getting Started in Educator Portal
Student Data in Educator Portal
KITE™ Client
New, Innovative, Technology Enhanced Items
Preview: District Test Coordinator Role
Preview: Technology Director Role
Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM)
Important Points
Upcoming Webinars
Help Desk
Educator Role
• The Educators are presumed to be a student’s
instructor or teacher, but may also be thought of
as the test administrator.
• The Educator is responsible for reviewing and
validating student data, preparing students for
assessments, working with the IEP team to select
and enter testing accommodations (depending on
local policy), and administer Technology Practice
Tests, Testlets (Assessments for Learning),
and/or Summative Assessments.
KITE™ System
• KITE™ is a platform developed to meet the
needs of the next generation of largescale computer based assessments.
—Educator Portal (EP)
• Managing student, user, and assessment data
—KITE™ Client (Test Delivery Engine)
• Delivering assessments to students
• Download and install from the Alaska Measures of
Progress (AMP) website
Getting Started in
Educator Portal
• Introduction
—Sign In
—Forgot Password
—Create an Account (contact your DTC)
—My Profile
—Security Agreement
—My Organizations and Roles
• Technical Points
—Clearing cache (Start, Control Panel, Internet
Options, Delete, Check Top 4-5, Delete, Okay)
—Supported Browsers
• Firefox 24.3 ESR (recommended) and above, Safari
6.0.5, and Internet Explorer 8 and above
• Google Chrome is NOT supported
Student Data in
Educator Portal
• Quick Links
• PNP, also known as Access Profile
• First Contact Survey (Dynamic Learning Maps only)
—Add New Test
• Configuration Tab (same as Quick Links)
• Test Management Tab
—Sub - Test Management
• Tickets
KITE Client
Desktop Icon
New, Innovative, and
Technology Enhanced Items
Background Graphic
Drop Down
Labeling Item
Matching Lines
Matrix Interaction
Multiple Drop Buckets
Venn Diagram
Ordering (Left to Right)
Partition Object Then Select
Placing Points
Select Text
Sticky Drop Buckets
Straight Line
District Test Coordinators
• Upload Data into Educator Portal
—Users/Educators (Window Opens: Oct 6)
—Enrollment (Window Opens: Oct 17)
—Rosters (Window Opens: Oct 17)
—Add and Edit Data in Educator Portal
• Troubleshooting
—Educator Portal account and role set up
—KITE™ Client
Technology Directors
• Download and install the KITE™ Client
—KITE webpage
• Updates to Technology
—Chromebook App (available)
—iPad App (October)
—KITE Client and LCS (after September 19th)
• Troubleshooting
—Educator Portal
—KITE™ Client
• Manage Network Traffic
—LCS, Local Caching Server
Overview of LCS
Dynamic Learning Maps
• The DLM Consortium consists of 20 states
• Alternate assessments for students with significant cognitive
• Grades 3-8 and 9-10
• English language arts and math
• Dillard Research Associates will deliver alternate assessment for
• Educators in Alaska
access DLM via
Dynamic Learning Maps
• Getting ready for DLM
—Professional Development modules for
teachers to improve instruction.
• (not required)
—Test Administration modules for teachers who
will be administering the DLM assessments.
• (required)
• Teachers will access DLM these via
• Get Started webinars (9/24 - repeat 10/1)
—First Contact Survey
—PNP (Access Profile)
9/24/14 and 10/1/14
10/13 – 11/19/14
1/5 - 3/6/15
3/16 – 5/1/15
Get Started Webinar for Mentors (and DTCs), 3:30 – 4:30
DTCs begin setting up district User (educator) accounts in
KITE system
Alternate Assessment Mentor Training
Teachers begin entering First Contact Surveys and Personal
Needs Profiles for students*
Districts participate in DLM Alternate Assessment Phase B
field testing
Districts participate in DLM Alternate Assessment Phase C
field testing
Alternate Assessment Test Window
*First Contact Survey determines student’s test placement. Personal Needs
Profile determines student’s online accessibility needs.
Important Points
• Distinguish between Educator Portal and KITE
• Log in to EP and explore My Profile
• Find Students, Rosters, and Test Sessions via
Quick Links
— Or, find Test Session using the Test Management Tab and
find Students and Rosters via Configuration Tab
• View and verify Student and Roster data
• Understand how to view and create Test Sessions
for Testlets
• Understand how to download and print tickets for
student log in
• Understand how students will open KITE Client,
log in, and begin assessments
Upcoming Webinars
Help Desk
• Hours
—5:00 am to 4:00 pm Alaska
—8:00 am to 7:00 pm Central
• Email
—[email protected]
• Phone
—855-277-9752 (toll-free)
For questions, please contact:
[email protected]

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