Exploring Cultural Differences in Eating Disorders

Differences in
Eating Disorders
Presenter: Hella Lee, Family
Therapist, VCH Eating
Disorders Program
Similarities and differences
Family stories
 Be
aware of your own biases and
 Ask good questions. It’s also interesting for
family members to hear the answers.
 When we listen carefully, people make
 It is more important to understand why
people do what they do rather than look
for the « cause » of the eating disorder.
 How
does the family understand the
eating disorder?
 A variety of factors contribute to the
development of an eating disorder.
 Family is not to blame.
Supporting someone with an
eating disorder
 Support
looks different at different ages
and stages:
Family based therapy
Meal support
Emotional support
Exploring family dynamics
Family therapy
 How
does the family impact the eating
 How does the eating disorder impact the
 How can we help family members be
curious about self and each other and:
Listen and mirror
Empathize and validate
Working with an interpreter
VCH Eating Disorders Program
Family and Friends Support Group
 1st
and 3rd Tuesdays of the month
 6-7:30 pm
 2750 East Hastings, Vancouver
 (604) 675-2531

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