Presentation - Railroad Commission

How to Submit Oil Online
Completions – (Form W-2)
Jacque Teseny, Well Compliance
Class Synopsis
This presentation is a general overview of how to file
Oil/W-2 Completion Reports utilizing the RRC Online
Completion Filing System. By the end of this
PowerPoint you will learn how to properly file online
completions for oil wells in Texas. During the class we
will also review common problems that delay the
processing & approving of these filings.
Logging In
Logging In Cont’d
Online Applications
Important messages
and upcoming events
Completion Application
Select Filing Operator
If you are filing as an Consultant/
Agent - you will enter the
appropriate Operator
information here. If you are filing
as an Operator, then the online
system will recognize you and
you will skip this step.
Filing Options
Create a New Packet
You can use either option but use the
drilling permit # if you have one.
Select a Well
Select the field you completed in, if the well is downhole
commingled you would need to select the primary
reporting field – refer to SWR 10 Approval Letter
Packet Data - Create Packet
Packet Data - Create Packet Cont’d
Type Of Completion
The options available are:
• New Well
• Deepening
• Plug Back
• Sidetrack
• Reentry
• Other/Recompletion
Well Type
The options available are:
• Producing
• Shut-in Producer
• Shut-in UIC
Type of Completion Packet
The options available are:
• G-1 - Select G-1 for gas
wells or oil wells being
reclassed to gas.
• W-2 - Select W-2 for oil
wells or gas wells being
reclassed to oil.
Packet Data / Oil W-2
Tracking #
Current Packet Status
Packet Data/ Oil W-2 Cont’d
Date the well is capable
of production by the
flipping of a switch or
turning of a valve
Required Items
Make sure to click Save after completed !
W-2 Oil Well Potential Test
Enter Pump Size & Type if ‘Pumping’.
Enter Choke Size, if Production Method is
Test Date should be newer than the
completion date but prior to the
submittal date.
Optional Items
W-2 Page 2
If Initial Filing this
may be the Rig
Release Date
If Initial Filing this is the SPUD date
Lease Line should match the
permit exactly – if they don’t
you may need an amended
W-2 Page 3
This is the Date
Found on your
GAU Letter
Rotation Time
Within Surface
Casing is a
Be Sure to bubble Yes if
there are any additional
surveys attached
Only complete if Multiple
Completion – not for workovers or
downhole commingled wells
W-2 Page 4
Depth found on GAU Letter
Per SWR 13(b)(5)(a) All Flowing Oil wells must have
Tubing Set unless an EXTENSION is granted by field
rules. If the question is answered no you must provide
an explanation and your allowable may be withheld.
W-2 Page 5
Mark this question yes if there are no
perforations and/or all perforations are isolated
and incapable of production
List all perforations that are currently open. If
Open Hole check open hole, if horizontal or
directional then select the appropriate lateral
List any acidizing/
shot/ fracturing/
cement squeezes/
CIBP’s here with
the affected
depths. It is very
important to list
old perforations
and how they were
isolated here if
recompleting a well
to prevent a
violation of SWR10.
List any important
information here,
SWR 10 remarks are
W-2 Page 6 (Certification Page)
If this is marked No and
there are no remarks then
the well may be processed
incorrectly and permit will
be closed out. A
Recompletion permit will
be required to correct the
well status and
completion data.
Complete Additional Forms
L-1 Electric Log Status Report
Reminder: The Log should be
mailed to the Well Compliance
Department (Austin).
P-4 Certificate of Compliance &
Transportation Authority
It is ideal to use the search boxes on
this page – the search feature will
validate that the selected
gatherer/purchaser has the proper
codes and requirements for the
activity you are listing them for
P-4 Certification Page
You can only mark authorized
agent if you are listed on the P-5A
or on the operator’s P-5
Online W-12 Inclination Report
The items and questions on this
form should match the attached
W-12 Exactly
Online P-15
Load Attachments
W-12’s, W-15’s, and the GAU letter are the most common
REQUIRED forms. Refer to field rules for requirements on
proration plats, P-15’s/acreage lists/lease plats etc. Attach a
SWR 10 letter if downhole commingling and an L-1 log header
if requesting confidentiality
Submittal Page
You can validate your completion
for any errors or missing forms
prior to submittal.
Submittal Page Cont’d
Once submitted you must contact the
Railroad Commission Well Compliance
Department to add any attachments,
complete any additional forms or make
any corrections to the existing packet.
Finished !
Use this option to update existing packets you have created or you will have access to
update existing completions that were submitted hardcopy.
***Once your packet has been submitted it is of the utmost importance to
check your messages and respond to messages once the items have been
corrected. The packet is brought to the RRC staff’s attention much more quickly
in an internal “messages response” queue that is checked every morning.***
• All Messages Issued to Currently Logged in User Only
• All Messages Issued to the Associated P-5 Operator Number
• Ideal to use if someone has left your company or you have multiple filers!
• All Messages issued within the selected time frame -- i.e. the last 7 days
Top 30 Problems That Can Delay A
Completion Packet’s Final Approval
1. Failing to respond to messages online from the RRC
Analyst, even if you have corrected the problem.
2. Not filing all required forms with the packet.
3. Over-assigning acreage.
4. Log headers do not have all the required
5. Amending Drilling Permit ASAP and follow-up for
Top 30 Problems That Can Delay A
Completion Packet’s Final Approval
6. Make sure all questions are answered correctly and
7. Adding a second/another P4 when an initial P4 has
already been filed.
8. Make sure that P4 gatherers and purchasers have an
active P5.
9. Make sure all electronic forms are completed,
certified, and submitted.
Top 30 Problems That Can Delay A
Completion Packet’s Final Approval
10. Filing information that is not needed.
11. Properly labeling attachments.
12. Make sure that all of the following are correct:
– Type of Completion
– Purpose of Filing
– Well Type
13. File drilling permit prior to drilling the well.
Top 30 Problems That Can Delay A
Completion Packet’s Final Approval
14. If the information on the G5 does not meet the
requirements, be sure to file a PVT Analysis or
Compositional Analysis.
15. Lease lines measurements should be the same as
drilling permit lease line measurements, if not explain
16. Use the remarks section of the completion forms
(G1/W2) to explain any changes or amendments.
Also use this section for any information that you want
the analyst or the RRC to know.
Top 30 Problems That Can Delay A Completion
Packet’s Final Approval
17. Make sure that any attached files display properly
(P12’s, plats).
18. W-12 not filled out correctly or is incomplete.
19. No change in completed, commenced, and
completion dates when the well is worked over or recompleted
20. Not addressing remarks related to SWR10 information
(i.e. remarks, perfs, formations).
Top 30 Problems That Can Delay A Completion
Packet’s Final Approval
21. If a well is worked over or recompleted, showing how
the perforations were isolated.
22. Hard copy filings that are filed with incomplete or
missing information.
23. Operators adding zeros in the extra spaces linked to
the well numbers.
24. If acreage assignment changes as wells are drilled,
filing revised P15’s, proration plats, and or acreage list
for all wells on the lease that have revised acreage.
Top 30 Problems That Can Delay A Completion
Packet’s Final Approval
25. Shut-In/Time of Run for G1’s (1 Point Test)
should be 1440 minutes (24 hours).
26. The well is completed in formations that
are outside the designated correlative interval for
the completed field and a SWR 10 has not
been filed.
27. The formation record section on the G-1/W-2
should show the formation names that define
each completed field.
Top 30 Problems That Can Delay A Completion
Packet’s Final Approval
28. Not Filing proration acreage plats when field rules
require that acreage be assigned to each well
29. Not checking the field rules before filing
30. Not utilizing the RRC website to retrieve well
E-MAIL: [email protected]
For immediate assistance call the Well Compliance (Proration)
main phone number:

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