Creating Digital Stories w/ Elementary Students

Created by
Tiffany W, Alief Independent School District – Houston, TX
Hi! My name is Tiffany and I am a teacher in
the Alief Independent School District in
Houston, Texas. Digital stories are a way that
educators can use multimedia to fully engage
their students. Whether you create your own
digital stories or assist your students in
creating their own, you are tapping into
creative potential that can help maximize
your student’s learning!
Digital stories are stories told using digital tools.
Digital stories can focus on a specific topic or
point of view, and are not always just a story told
on the computer.
 Digital stories usually contain a mixture of
computer-based images, text, recorded audio
narration, video clips and/or music.
 Digital stories can vary in length, usually
between two and ten minutes.
 Topics can range from personal narratives to
retelling historical events, or exploring one’s
community. The possibilities are endless!!
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling website
This site, based at the University of Houston has
links to multiple examples of digital stories
Sample stories from Fayette County Kentucky
Public Schools - includes links to teacher and
student created stories.
Scott County Schools
Link to student-created stories from Scott County,
Digital stories can be used a variety of ways
Teacher Created Uses
• Pre teaching vocabulary
• Building background knowledge
• Reviewing newly learned concepts
• Assessing student learning
• Assessing student technological
skill development
Student Created Uses
• Demonstrating learned content
• Retelling information
• Sharing student work
• Executing technological skills
• Creating original products
Curriculum Unit Plan
 This plan is one way of teaching your students
how to create a digital story.
Software/Hardware needs
 A list of recommended hardware and software
needed to implement this unit
Digital Content
 Links to music, pictures, and images that my help
your students create their stories
Downloadable photo kits that can be used when
constructing a digital stories. Kits are organized
by subject area and grade level
Lee Summit
This site contains links to many different online
resources to help students create their own
Hardware used:
Software that can be used:
Microsoft Power Point
Microsoft Photostory3 (PC only)
Windows Movie Maker (PC only)
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe Premiere Elements (PC only)
Apple iMovie (Mac only)

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