Evaluation Results principle 9

Evaluation Results
principle 9
Nir Ben-Aharon
“Enable SMEs to turn environmental
changes into opportunities”
• Score – 3
• Government Decision of October 23, 2011
(No. 3768) to promote a "green growth" plan
• New government decision: Green Growth
– The plan's terms refer to eco-efficient business
and eco-innovation with no specific reference to
SMEs but to businesses in general.
9.2 Availability of expertise to SMEs
on environmental issues
• Score – 4
• A pilot project for eco-efficiency was initiated by
the SMBA through one of its operative branches
in north-central Israel ("MATI"). The project ran
from 2011 to 2012.
• The SBA provides mentoring to businesses about
environmental issues. This program is partially
subsidized for small businesses.
• New program of the SMBA for energy efficiency
• Manufacturers Association of Israel offers
support on environmental issues.
9.3 Promoting the use of environmental
management systems and standards
• Score – 1.5
• No active promotion of environmental
standards is made
• Some businesses are aware of the standards
and various environmental management

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