Information society course Comparing Afghanistan to Finland

Comparing Afghanistan to EU
and international education
development projects
Pekka Makkonen
Lecturer of information systems
University of Jyväskylä (JyU)
• NIMA (National institute of management and
administration) in Kabul
– Established in 2007
– Got funds from WB (World Bank)
– For young people who like to learn business or ICT,
but who can not become students at universities
– Three schools
• Management (300 students)
• Accounting (300 students)
• ICT (200 students)
Educational development
• Generally, it is needed because mid-class without
problems is important for welfare and the
smooth development of countries
• Important, because it will stop joining extreme
– Young people have hope
• Infrastructure of the country can be improved
• In the ICT sector Afghanistan can follow the
Indian way
– It requires more peaceful environment
NIMA as a project (1/2)
• NIMA project was started on August 2009 under World
Bank funding
• There are firms like Maxwell Stamp Plc (MSP), which
are focused on development projects in developing
• NIMA project was led by MSP (JyU was a
• JyU provided ICT school management and
– The accreditation means that Afghans can get certificates
from both countries after completing educational program
• The client was the Afghan ministry of education
NIMA as a project (2/2)
• Agile methods were applied
– The representatives of the client
– The director of NIMA was from the ministry
• He was available all the time for different kind of
approvals and negotiations
– Teacher training program
• The idea was that these trainees would take over
teaching at NIMA after the project
• World Bank was reviewing
– Check points at NIMA
First phase of NIMA project
• Curriculum development
– Focus on technical skills
– Based on the India scenario
Programming fundamentals(C++, Java)
Operating systems
– (SQL, Oracle)
• Web engineering (JavaScript, JavaApplets, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, VB.NET)
• Project skills
• In Finland ICT curriculums are many-sided
– Because of the needs of the society and business
– At JyU we have three lanes after basic studies
• Systems development
• Digital media
• E-commerce
First infrastructure development
activities at NIMA
• At the beginning (August, 2009) four computers
for the staff
• In September and October all the classes were on
a chalkboard basis
• In November four lab were started
– No LAN or Internet was available
– We needed to download required software on DVDs
first, where Internet was available
• From DVDs we installed software on the single computers
– We utilized open-source software
Semester 2 (September 2009-January
• Semester 1 was given by NIMA itself earlier in 2009
• E-commerce and web site building
– We used Notepad and web browser since late November
• Operating systems
– Course exercises on paper basis
• C++ programming
– Free environment Bloodshed C++ was in use since late November
• Database fundamentals
– SQL queries on the paper
• Swine flue closed the school in Afghanistan from Nov 1. to Nov. 21
– NO vaccination program in Afghanistan for that
• Problems also included some corruption between students and
Semester 3
• Java programming –course
– For exercises Java Development Kit
• Command-prompt based
• PHP and MySQL –course
– Wampserver
• Enabled testing server-based web-applications locally
• Computer and network maintenance –course
• Management information systems –course
• We develop plans for the LAN, Internet connections,
library and placement (after semester 4)
Semester 4
• VB.NET –course
• ASP.NET –course
• Advanced course on datebases
– Oracle and database administration
• Project management
After that semester placement in other words
practical training
Role of JyU in developing countries
• JyU has had a separate limited company
Uniservices since 1997 for operations like
– Working as a lead company
– Working as a partner/subcontractor
• Now Finnish government has defined the role
of universities in education export
– Every university must plan how to sell services and
what services are valuable in the market
• Consequence of PISA reports of UNESCO?
Role of JyU in developing countries
• In this academic year JyU established a new
company with other educational players in
Jyväskylä area
– EduCluster Finland Ltd.
Some companies in Europe
Maxwell Stamp (UK)
These participate in the contract competitions
and they need key expert applicants for the
Some recruiting services
• Eldis
You can submit your CV onto the CV bases of
these services
In the same way you can submit your CV directly
to the companies in this business (see
examples from our previous slides)
Some references
• Faculty of IT at the University of Jyväskylä
• About Finland
• About Afghanistan
• EduCluster Finland

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