The IB Programme at Mulgrave School

The Primary Years
(K – Grade 6)
The Middle Years
(Grades 7 – 10)
The Diploma
(Grades 11 and 12)
It is a 2 year “stand
alone” programme.
It is a demanding,
Students participate in:
◦ Creativity, Action and Service
◦ Theory of Knowledge
◦ The Extended Essay
Together CAS, TOK and
EE form the core of the
It is not impossible to do!
It is not only for the
academically gifted
It was never designed to be
an “Honours Stream”.
It is not exclusive.
The IB is not only a
university preparatory
Universities know about the
IB and students will not be
disadvantaged by taking it.
“I will have no life”
“I can’t do it”
Students need to
pursue the full
diploma (which
means that they
have to try!)
At the beginning of
their grade 12 year,
they will decide in
which subjects they
will write the IB
The IB learner strives to be:
An inquirer
A thinker
A communicator
a “straight A student” ?
perfect in every way?
an academic nut?
a book junky?
But what about ……
Hard working?
Wanting to succeed in life?
Willing to make choices?
Willing to take chances?
The IB Programme
(whether students end up
with the full Diploma or
not) offers students the
best education
programme available ...
Students’ success rate in
post secondary study is
higher – guaranteed!
Students receive a
qualification that is
accepted around the world.
Global awareness and
diversity of IB students.
IB students are successful
in their post secondary
Some universities assign
credit for first year courses
– saving time and money at
Students will have had the
benefit of the best
education that we can offer;
skills for life.
If students complete only parts of
the diploma, they receive
certificates in the courses which
they finish.
All students will have completed
CAS, the Theory of Knowledge (a
credit course at many universities)
All students will have completed
the Extended Essay which, at the
very least, means that they have
the skills to do research and write
a report.
Students will have learnt many
other skills that they would not
have had if they were not in the IB!
Sorry to tell you this,
but all students will
not have the same
opportunities when
applying to
Universities want IB
After the IB, students
will be better equipped
to deal with a rigorous
university programme.
“All three International Baccalaureate
programmes purposefully help students
develop not only the skill to ready them for
success in the 21st century, but also the
attitudes. The IB standards and principles
are built around best teaching and learning
practices which translates into the delivery
of a robust international programme for
our students.” IBO

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