Math 110 -- Intermediate Algebra Sample Problems Web Page

June 22-25
Math 110 -- Intermediate Algebra
Sample Problems Web Page
Bruce Johnston
Professor Emeritus
My Experience with Math 110
• Taught similar courses in graduate school (19741977)
• Taught CS at UW-Stout (1983 – 2008)
• Impressed by success of Math TLC using
• Motivated to try teaching Math 110 in this
– Summer 2006: Online Math 110
– Fall 2006: Classroom Math 110
– Summer 2007: Online Math 110
Motivation for My Math 110 Sample
Problems Web Page
• PowerPoint Mathematics lectures were ineffective.
– Slides put students to sleep.
• PowerPoint lectures don’t fit my Mathematics teaching style.
– I prefer to teach Mathematics by doing Mathematics.
• Course Compass login / drill-down / PowerPoint was slow.
Goals for My Math 110 Sample
Problems Web Page
• Spend most of the class period doing sample homework problems.
• Leverage Math TLC assets to enhance this method of teaching.
– CourseCompass/MyMathLab Software
– Math TLC Environment including Student TAs in the classroom
• Mimic the student homework environment as closely as possible.
Intermediate Algebra
(Before & After)
Sample homework problem is selected from textbook.
Problem is solved on the chalkboard.
Sample homework problem is generated by MML.
Problem is displayed on digital projector.
Problem is solved on the whiteboard.
Solution is entered into MML using Math Palette.
Design of the Math 110
Sample Problems Web Page
• Access problems from the MML database.
• Select representative sampling of problems from each
homework assignment.
• Build a table of links to these sample homework problems.
• Add supplementary links to each section where applicable.
Operation of the Math 110
Sample Problems Web Page
• TA operates web page and brings up the sample problems.
• Instructor solves the problem at the whiteboard.
– Go slow enough for students to take notes & ask questions.
• TA enters solution using the MML Math Palette.
• TA performs any necessary calculator operations.
Advantages of Using the Math 110
Sample Problems Web Page
Fast and simple operation (no login required).
Closely duplicates the student homework environment.
Easy to demonstrate common solution entry mistakes.
Similar Exercises button is available if students need more
• Links to related web sites enhances the educational
Implementation of the Math 110
Sample Problems Web Page
Print out the exercise list for each homework assignment
Select Control Panel | Homework/Test Manager | Homework.
Select List Exercises from the Actions drop-down list.
Pay close attention to the Exercise ID numbers shown in the list.
See a sample Exercise List for section 2.4 on the next slide.
Find out which exercises are in the database.
Go to to access the database directly.
Press the Enter button to enter the InterAct Site.
Find out which exercises are in the database (continued).
Select your textbook from the Book drop-down list.
Press the Submit button.
Click Done in the Browser Check pop-up window.
Find out which exercises are in the database (continued).
Select the desired chapter.
Select the desired section.
Selecting exercises from the database.
Identify the exercise ID Numbers that match with the homework list.
Select representative set of sample problems for each assignment.
As an example, I used problems 1, 3, 7, 13, 15, 23, 25, 31, 41, & 81 for section 2.4.
Adding problem links to the Sample Problems Web Page.
Insert a URL for each problem of the following form:
This URL is for exercise ID 2.4.7 (problem 7 from section 2.4).
Add the JavaScript code (shown below) to the <head> tag of your web page.
This code is specific to the Martin-Gay Intermediate Algebra, 4th enhanced edition.
<script language="javascript">
function getProblem(chapter,section,problem)
var theURL=',' +
chapter + ',' +
section + ',' +
problem;,'', 'width=875,height=525');
Building Your Own
Sample Problems Web Page
• Instructions
– Creating a Sample Problems Web Page (.doc)
• Starting Files for Sample Problem Web Pages
– Math 010 Beginning Algebra
– Math 110 Intermediate Algebra
– Math 118 Concepts of Mathematics
– Math 120 College Algebra

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