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SDL Tridion Community Webinar
Introduction and demonstration of
the Page Publisher
A very little bit about me
• I’m John, I’ve worked with SDL
Tridion for years and years.
• I’m based in Brussels, Belgium.
• I help run Content Bloom a CMS
development agency.
• I really enjoy working with SDL
• You can reach me via:
– [email protected]
About this presentation
• I’m going to go through the following:
– An introduction to the power tools
– A demonstration of the page publisher power tool
– Explain a little bit about the architecture of a power tool
• A ton of great SDL Tridion GUI development links are found at the end of this presentation
• There is a great ‘how to’ here:
– I hope it provides a good insight into how easy and fun it is
to build SDL Tridion GUI extensions
– Interrupt me at any point if you want to talk about
something or I’m not explaining very well!
History of the Power Tools
• Original power tools existed pre
• Documented and downloadable
from SDL’s Tridion world website:
• Still a fantastic set of tools to help
you do some SDL ‘power moves’
post SDL Tridion 2011
SDL Tridion 2011 Power Tools
• An SDL Tridion community driven project
• Open source and available now via:
• Already contains a number of useful completed
• Final completion of tools expected to launched
officially released early Q2.
• SDL Tridion 2011 allows full customisation of the
Page Publisher
• Publishes pages individually, opposed to
– Main ‘benefit’ is that only incorrect content will fail,
rather than the whole publish transaction
– Makes it easier to spot where templates issues exist
• Includes additional functionality to include
component links and workflow
• Still under-going some final tweaks in current
Page Publisher - Demo
*Crosses fingers & toes*
Page Publisher – future development
• V2 will likely integrate directly with the default publish dialog
Page publisher – how it works
• There are roughly 4 parts to a power tool:
– XML to provide configuration
• Where it ‘appears’ in the CME
• The resources used (css, js)
– JavaScript: To handle the logic of the item in the CME
• A command script to handle the tool launching and visibility
• A file that deals with the display and functionality within the tool interface
– Aspx page: The power tool interface
– Web service/Model: Provides processing and feedback to the power
tool using the SDL Tridion core service
Page publisher: VS project
2 x XML Config:
- For CME
- Power tools editors
- Web & SDL
Core service
Client application
- ASPX for dialog
- Javascript for dialog
- Javascript ‘command’
Power tools architecture
SDL Tridion - Editor and model
enabled (System.config XML)
Select to use a power tool
Power tools Model
(.Net Webservice /
Tridion Core service)
Power tools Editor
(XML & JS)
Command opens
power tool
Editor.config &
Want to know more?
• Get the power tools:
• Come and join the group
• Chat with the group on flow dock
Some great GUI extension references
• Yoav Nirvan’s GUI extension walkthrough:
• Nuno’s ‘no nonsense guide’:
• Julian’s ‘hello world’ example:
• More Nuno – great power tool introduction:
• LMGTFY: Tridion GUI extensions :
Thank you for joining this presentation

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