ITAB Baltic
About ITAB Baltic
ITAB Baltic has been operating successfully since 2001 in the Baltic States with sales, installations and
maintenance of shop fittings, checkouts and entrance systems for food and nonfood chain stores.
We are a proud member of the ITAB Group, currently the largest player in the Nordic and Baltic
countries as well as in the UK and leading positions in the Benelux, Germany, Central Europe, Russia and
ITAB Baltic has become one of the leading shop equipment distributors in the Baltic States.
What we do
We offer a full shopfitting and contract management service taking your concepts and
making them become reality.
Concept phase
Installation and service
Turnkey shops
Concept and Products
Lighting and light display systems
Back office
& info desks
Bread & fruit, joinery
and display systems
Modular shelving systems
- floor & wall
Damage protection,
posts & rails
Balustrades & handrails
Pharmacy dept. and
pharmacy product systems
Customer service,
counters & desks
Bespoke fixtures incl.
specials & POP areas
Trolley retention
Queue management
systems & cell forward
Integrated Heavy Duty
shelving systems
Standard systems
like 50 & 25 systems
& ACO checkouts
and checkout concepts
Entrance, guidance &
exit systems/concepts
Shelters, trolley parks,
walk ways etc.
General information
Project management and Installation
5 project managers
1 installation manager
1 service manager
25 installation men (currently)
8 fully equipped installation vans
Operate in Food, Non-Food, Gas stations, Pharmacies and DIY
Full concept supplier
Complete interior (except cooling systems and refrigerators)
Entrance systems
Installation, service and maintenance
ITAB Baltic can help you establish your store in new markets. Our
high experienced installation team has an extensive experience
from various shop concepts from all over Europe.
We have done installations in more than 20 countries all around
the world for different size of stores.
Our installation team currently consist of 25 installation guys –
installation professionals.
Our dedicated installation team has an extensive experience in
shop reconstructions which are usually done by performing many
complicated non-standard solutions.
ITAB Baltic installation team is also experienced in montage of
high density storage shelving.
ITAB Baltic installation team
Our projects and customers
Over the past 12 years in which ITAB Baltic have been operating we have
carried out numerous projects all around Europe and Scandinavia.
We work with several large chain stores both in food and non-food segments
and we undertake projects that range in size and complexity from small retail shop
to large hypermarket.
Our fine reputation has given us the opportunity to work with some of the
largerst chain stores in Baltic States as Rimi, Prisma, Statoil.
Project portfolio
276 different size RIMI shops in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia:
• Hypermarkets (3000-7000 m2) with reconstructions
• Supermarkets (600-2000 m2) with reconstructions
• Supernetto shops with numerous reconstructions
117 different size STATOIL gas stations in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
7 PRISMA stores in Latvia , Lithuania and Estonia
Installations for 400 NETTO discount supermarkets in Denmark in 2012
22 JYSK retail chain shops in Baltics, Bulgaria, Iceland, Romania
7 ILVA furniture shops in Denmark and Sweden
7 ADIDAS stores in Latvia , Lithuania and Estonia
2 LINDEX shops in Baltic States
7 DRESSMAN fashion shops for menswear
5 shops for Scandinavias' largest fashion retail chain CUBUS
7 IKI stores in Latvia
5 ACCESSORIZE shops in Baltic States
Our customer guidance range includes:
• Supermarket pedestrian gates – chrome and EPC
• Chrome and stainless steel barrier rail and modular hand rails
• Automatic and mechanical entrancegates
Checkout counter with steel wire accessories
Tabacco stand
Info desk
Info desk :
Info desk:
• Tube
• Cigarette & tabacco stand
• LED lighting
Checkouts and wire stands
• Highest quality ITAB Harr checkouts
Bread department
Bread island
Bake-off stands
Steel shelving
Candy stands
Different shelf systems for
• Grocery departments
• Alcohol department
• Sweets department
• Non food segment
↑ Slat walls, wood panels, single and double
Nuts stand, shopping trolleys →
Cookies stand
Candy stand
Ceiling installation
RIMI latest concept with wood shelving
Cosmetics department
Cosmetic department
• Steel shelving
• Wood pyramids for cosmetic
Media & cosmetics department
• cosmetic shelves & stands
Candle wall (wood & steel)
Non food department :
steel shelving, slatwalls, banner installation
Shelving for alcohol department
Fruit and vegetable stands, ceiling over F&V, pickled stand podium
Ceiling solutions
Ceiling solutions
New concept cosmetic stands with installed LED lighting
RIMI café
Installation of all shelving and furniture at STATOIL fuel stations
Installation of a new coffee module
Fully eqipped STATOIL café
Fruit and vagetable department
Equipment installation
Lighting solutions
Customers served by ITAB Baltic

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