Vincenzo Piuri
VP-TA Candidate 2015
VP-TA Elect Candidate 2014
Technical Activities
S/C technical committees
From small workshops…
…to 1000 attendees conferences
Society President, S/C Vice President, S/C committees
General, Program, Finance,
Publication, Publicity,
Local Arrangement,
Steering Committees
TAB, TAB committees, New Technologies
Division Director
Fostering scientific advancement,
knowledge dissemination
and technological innovation
to promote knowledge, economical
and social development
for the benefit of the communities that we serve
and the whole humanity
EiC, Associate Editor, Special Issue Editor
Educational Activities
S/C VP Publications, Steering Committees
PSPB Strategic Planning, TAB/PSPB
E-Learning Library, Tutorials
S/C VP Education, Biometrics Certification
Members Activities
Chapters, Student Branches
IEEE Awards
To inspire, foster, and empower
worldwide technologic-centric communities
in research, profession, industry,
government bodies, and education
by enhancing
technical activities and services
as a trustable high-quality source
of theoretical and practical knowledge
Specific Goals
Reaching Out
To involve IEEE members and communities who have not significant involvement
with societies and councils
To expand cooperation with scientific and technological interdisciplinary communities
which can find home in IEEE
To expand interactions worldwide with scientific and technological associations
To further promote internationality of activities and presence in the IEEE
To further promote public visibility
Technical Activities
To nurture the creation and the development of new technologies and the related
To promote interactions and synergies among societies, technical councils and
technical communities
To expand conferences in new technological areas
To enhance conferences of interest to professionals
To promote cooperation of societies and councils in areas of common interest
To preserve the technical excellence
To enhance the geographical coverage with high-quality meetings
Specific Goals
To preserve the high quality of publications
To expand high-quality publications in new or interdisciplinary scientific and
technological areas
To further enhance timeliness of high-quality journals
To further enhance the offer of open-access publications
To promote the publication of books
To identify publications specifically suited for professionals and industry
Educational activities
To expand tutorials, especially in emerging areas
To integrate the tutorial offers available in IEEE, societies and councils
To expand life-long educational programs
To nurture the standardization needs and initiatives, especially in new technological
Specific Goals
New products and services
To expand the use of dedicated portals as comprehensive channels for knowledge
dissemination in specific topical areas
To identify new dissemination channels for scientific and technological material
specifically suited for professionals, industry and students, especially on mobile
People Networking
To identify and promote new opportunities for interactions in communities worldwide
To expand the use of social networks for interaction, integration, and mentoring
To increase the presence and the cooperation in chapters as local roots for scientific
and technological activities
To guarantee financial viability of activities
To promote investment in the future by using reserves for new initiatives
To promote sustainable activities in a larger time window
To be reasonably conservative in budgeting and management while allowing for
operational activities and initiatives
New technologies, new
areas and innovation
Cooperation, synergies
and consensus
Trustability and high quality
Timely and open-access knowledge
Application knowledge
Education as investment
in the future: university, lifelong and pre-university
Internationality and
worldwide view
Diversity as a stimulus
to growth all together
New media and
social networks
Public visibility
Caring for all communities
and their needs: scientists,
practicing professionals,
and students
Maieutic role: S/C are central
to IEEE life with all other OUs
Gradual evolution
Strategic perspective
Advancing Technology
for the Benefit of Humanity

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