How did Arthurs social conscience affect his work?

Biography of Arthur Miller
By: Mike Klotz, Danae Cota, Bridget Nash, Mitch
• Born in Harlem, New York
City in 1915
• He graduated from High
school in Brooklyn, 1932.
• Entered to the University of
Michigan and started
writing plays.
• He joined the Federal
Theatre Project in New
York City.
• His decision of becoming a
writer came from
Dostoevky’s novel The
Brothers Karamazov
How did
Arthurs social
affect his work?
• Some Playwrights are
affected by his struggle and
feelings toward the Great
• Incorporates social
awareness and deep and
personal insights into
weaknesses of characters.
• Bases playwrights off issues
and problems of society.
• Ex: Death of
Salesman(1949) mixes
tradition of social realism
with some main characters.
Effects of
Investigation on
Millers writing of
The Crucible:
• Changes Miller made in
the writing made some
people angry.
• Use of communism in
writing was investigated.
• Hollywood writers were
investigated for use of
The House of UnAmerican Activities
• It took place in 1956.
• He was called to testify and
tell the names of people he
saw at a communist
sympathizers meeting.
• He refused to name the
writers and was convicted
of contempt.
• A year later the US court of
appeals overruled the
Common Themes of Plays
• “The drama of family”
• Injustice, betrayal and
responsibility of out lives
• Distinct moral and political
• Power conflicts, personal and
social responsibility
• Reflections of past actions, and
battles of guilt and hope.
Awards and Accomplishments
My Sons won the
New York Drama Critics'
Circle Award and two
Tony Awards in 1947
•Death of a Salesman
won a Tony and the
Pulitzer Prize
•The Crucible won the
Antoinette Perry Award

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