Chapter 21 – Lesson 4 Women in the Progressive Era

Chapter 21 –
Lesson 4
Women in the
Progressive Era
Find out:
1. What goals did women pursue in the
Progressive Era?
2. What methods did women use to
achieve their goals?
3. What successes did women have in the
Progressive Era?
Inez Milholland
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Susan B. Anthony
Carrie Chapman Catt
Washington Parade
White House Protests
Alice Paul
Women win new opportunities
• State licenses in law, medicine, & college
• Higher education at universities.
• Committed to reforms
Laws to protect women & children
Pure food & drug laws
Right to vote
African-American women crusaded against lynching
& racial separation.
Temperance Crusade
• Alcohol seen as a threat to families.
• Women’s Christian Temperance Union
– Frances Willard, leader
– Worked to educate people about the evils of
• Carry Nation
– Husband died from heavy drinking
– Took a hatchet to saloons.
– Gave lecture tours across U.S. & Europe
• 18th Amendment – (1917) – made it illegal
to sell alcoholic drinks in the U.S.
• 19th Amendment – (1919) – gave women
the right to vote.

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