Infrastructure in Towong Shire

Tallangatta Tomorrow
and the
Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan
Community led planning in Towong Shire
What did we do?
12 month project – 2011 / 2012
One township, 1200 people
Economic development - Infrastructure focus
Extensive consultation with whole community
Community led project development
The process:
• Signage
• Survey
• Shopfront
• BBQs
• Focus Groups
• Website
------------------------------------What’s the big idea?
Here’s a plan
Lets make it happen!
What was
• Ownership by community
• Community education about
planning, funding and project
• New partnerships between
existing, previously competing
• Projects included in Council Plan
and Budget
What was
• Over $10M invested by State and
Federal Government, with further
applications under development
• More planning projects:
⁻ Our Bellbridge
⁻ Our Valley, Our Future
⁻ Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan
⁻ Recreation plans across the Shire
Integrated Community
• Will deliver vital services
including Long Day Care
• Scheduled for completion
by late 2015
• $2.6M - Towong Shire
Council’s largest ever project
Upper Murray 2030
Vision Plan
• Cross border partnership (NSW / VIC)
• Community driven, Council supported
• Economic and community based
projects rather than pure
• Multiple communities over a large
project area making consultation
The process:
• Signage
• Surveys
• Community dinner
• Shopfronts (3)
• Hall Crawl
• Focus Groups
• Photos & postcards
• Facebook
------------------------------------What’s our Future?
Here’s your vision
Let’s make it happen!
What was
• 900+ projects identified
• Strong themes were apparent
and ideas were grouped together
• “Game changing” projects were
prioritised by the community to
reach a “Top Five”
• Detailed design work is now
underway on the top five
projects, delivery in August.
What did we learn?
• Communities need to understand the “why”
• The right consultant / facilitator is vital
• Use the communities words – being heard is
important, even if the idea doesn’t progress
• Follow through – make allocation for some quick
wins as well as some bigger outcomes
• Link outcomes back to the planning process in
the months and years to come.
Lauren Elvin
Manager Economic Development
Towong Shire Council
02 6071 5100
[email protected]

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