Updating an installation with Windows® Embedded
Developer Update.
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The update process for Windows Embedded Compact 7 is
slightly different from other software updates:
• A full install of Windows Embedded Compact 7 is over 50 gigabytes.
Updating a 50 gigabyte install would be time consuming if you really
only need one option. This is why you are able to install only what you
really want. Updates will apply only to what you have installed.
• For example: If Platform Builder and ARM v6 Architecture are installed on
the system, updates for only those two options will be downloaded and
applied. The need to download updates for all options no longer exists,
resulting in quicker download times, smaller amounts of hard drive space
required and a quicker overall update process.
• When new features become available they can be installed with the
• To keep the update process simple and quick adding or removing other
options during the initial update is disabled.
• The installation can be modified after the update process is completed and
the installer is relaunched.
• Updating: The process of changing software to a newer
• User: The individual who will perform the update.
• Installed content: Software, options and other packages
previously installed on a system.
• This presentation assumes that
WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe is already installed.
• System: The computer that contains the installed content.
• Installer: The program run to install, modify, repair, update or
uninstall software.
• For this presentation WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe is the
Acquire the new release
• Now you know that a new release of Windows Embedded
Compact 7 is available, but how do you get the update?
• Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU):
• WEDU allows you to receive information about new releases.
• Registration is required to install WEDU.
• Didn’t register for WEDU when installing Windows Embedded
Compact 7? You still can, the process is simple.
WEDU Registration
• Start by locating Windows Embedded Compact 7 in the list of
installed programs:
From Add or Remove programs select Windows Embedded Compact 7
and click the change button.
WEDU Registration
• First step towards updating:
Select Update and Next.
WEDU Registration
• If registration has not been completed this screen will appear:
Click Next, and a Window will open.
WEDU Registration
• Already have a Windows Live ID? It can be used to register.
Sign in to continue, click complete when you are done.
WEDU Check for updates
• Now that you are registered, you can check for updates at any
Select Check for Update now, and click Next.
• A newer version has been found.
• Click Next to download it.
The new installer will be downloaded and launched.
Update EULA
• A supplemental EULA may be displayed when the new
installer launches.
• Currently installed software will be updated, including the
installer itself.
Frequently Asked Questions
• Why don’t I see any options to select?
• During the update process, currently installed options receive
• Why do I see an option that did not exist before?
• Options that are new in the release can be selected to be installed
with the updates.
• Can I remove the updates?
• Yes. To do this open Windows Embedded Compact 7 from Add or
Programs, select Modify. On the time line slider, select the far left
position and continue to remove the updates.
• Does removing an update revert the installer too?
• No, the installer will remain at the highest level, only the options can
have updates removed.
• Can I hurt my system if I run the installer from the original DVD?
• No, the installer will detect the newer version of itself on the system
and launch that version instead.
Frequently Asked Questions
• Can I add an option?
• Yes. Open the installer and select Modify, and click Next. Select
the option to be installed and proceed. Note: unchecking a
currently installed option will uninstall that option.
• Can I remove an option?
• Yes. Open the installer and select ‘Modify’, and click ‘Next’.
Uncheck the option to be removed and proceed.
• Can I be automatically informed about a new release?
• Yes. WEDU can install a plug-in for Visual Studio 2008 service
pack 1 that can be configured to automatically check for an
update as often as once day.
• How can I install the WEDU plug-in?
• Follow the directions in the following slides.
WEDU Plug-in
• Open the installer and select Update.
Click Next
WEDU Plug-in
• Select Configure Automatic Updates.
Click Next to configure WEDU
WEDU Plug-in
• Select Check for updates automatically and choose how often.
Click Next to install WEDU
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