Smith Career Connector Webinar # 2: “Managing Your Own

Keeping Your Career on
Track in a Down
Economy …and Beyond
Webinar # 2:
“Managing Your Own
The Alumnae Association
Of Smith College
Career Webinar Series
Copyright Barbara Reinhold, Ed.D.
Obedience is out/
Courage is in…
• It’s counterintuitive but true:
• When times are
hard, you have to
take more risks
• Just make them
smart ones
Forget job security—embrace
the concept of “employability”
• Stay connected, both
inside and outside your
current organization
• Stay informed
• Learn to expect and
embrace change
It’s always about research, at
Smith back then— and now:
• What’s happening in various
industries, locations, fields,
• Who do you know there?
• What current and future
needs in those areas do you
• How do your strengths and
preferences fit those needs?
• What skills might you need
to acquire or sharpen?
Remember to consult your
“inside search” here
• How well does the
information you’re
gathering fit with
what your intuition
is telling you might
be right for you
And don’t forget the feedback
part—to see how others are
perceiving your ideas…
• Don’t miss the
opportunity to do
some realitytesting with people
who really know
you and value your
After the inside search…
• and the outside search,
• what comes next?
Learn to do your own
S.W.O.T analysis
• What strengths do you bring to the
situation or position you want?
• What weaknesses do you need to
work around?
• What opportunities for you does
this position or situation offer?
• What threats might be present to
prevent success in this situation or
Let’s do a short demo of the
SWOT process:
• Here’s Emma, class of
• She was a psych major,
who somehow got hooked
on technology in the late
90’s and became a
software analyst for
• Now she wants to go back
to working with people,
teaching tech skills to older
people, maybe in a
business of her own
S.W.O.T. yourself:
• Describe a job, promotion, situation,
recognition you’d like to have:
What strengths of yours are
important to this situation?
• ____________________
• __________________________
• ______________________
• _________________________
• __________________________
• _______________________
• __________________________
What weaknesses of yours
will you have to work around
in order to succeed?
• _________________________
• _______________________
• ___________________________
• ________________________
• __________________________
• __________________________
• ____________________________
Weakness management:
What will you need to learn?
Who can you get to help?
• List below the resources or people to
help you think through the relevance
of these underdeveloped places—and
what you can do realistically to keep
them from impeding your success
What opportunities are
present in this situation and/or
for you?
• _______________________
• _______________________
• _______________________
• _________________________
• _________________________
• _________________________
• _______________________
What threats to the success of
your campaign or the venture
do you see?
• __________________________
• __________________________
• __________________________
• __________________________
• __________________________
• __________________________
• __________________________
Threat management
• List below the references and
resources, either people or other
sources of data, who can help you
analyze the depth, breadth and/or
seriousness of the threat
• In the spirit of smart risks, decide
whether to wait or proceed with the
campaign at hand
Timing is everything:
• YES?
• NO?
Some goals, like Board
membership, often take a long
time to accomplish
• Rita Foley ’75: “Be
determined and
visible, and let the
people who could help
know what you’re after
and what you can do
for a particular
Four critical elements of
S- P- I- N
1) Skill development—continuously
adding and honing
2) Possibilities—actively scanning the
horizon for what’s changing or
about to change
3) Information—constant and
ongoing research
4) Networking—all the time,
everywhere, high tech/ high touch
To give you an example to work
with, let’s do a S P I N
analysis on a new kind of work
for you:
• Pick out something
you’ve considered doing,
and let’s see how
“employable” you might
be in this kind of work
right now:
What’s your SPIN score right now in
relation to your fantasy target:
(on a scale of 1-10)
• _____Skill development
• _____Possibilities—scanning for
new developments
• _____Information—high tech, touch
• _____Networking
• _____Total SPIN score: if it’s less than 25,
you have some work to do!
Get yourself a SPIN coach,
who will do the following:
• Help you formulate
clear and strategic
• Explore what skills
you need to buff up
• Strategize about
information and
• Check up on your
forward steps (and the
inevitable backward
ones too)
Your employability is up
definitely to you
• Find some
coaches for
you, then be a
coach to other
make it
happen for all
of you!
And now, Q & A:
• What do you need
to do to ramp up
your own
We hope you can join us next
week for the webinar that talks
about how to put all this
together to get the work you
“Presenting Yourself:
Choreographing Your Own
• Time and date: Wednesday, May 6, 12 noon EDT
• Check the Alumnae Association web site blog to
share your ideas and ask questions

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