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Market Rules
Chapter 6 - Appendix 6.1
Metering Obligations
Metering Service Providers
MSP Obligations
1.3.1 The following activities shall be performed by registered MSPs
• the provision, installation, commissioning, maintenance,
repair, replacement, inspection and testing of metering
• the registration of metering installations with the IMO and
the preparation of all meter point documentation and other
[support]documentation … for registration; and
• the resolution of trouble calls relating to metering
installations and metering data in accordance with sections and of this Appendix.
MSP Obligations
• The registered MSP has the responsibility to
ensure all the requirements of section 1.3.1 are
• The MSP cannot delegate this responsibility.
Some MSP function related activities could be
performed by contractors, MMPs, etc.
MSP Obligations
Sample activities related to the provision, installation,
maintenance, repair, replacement, but not registration of MI,
commissioning of the MI, inspection & testing of MI, and
resolution of MTRs are:
• Provision and installation of ITs, meters, meter enclosures, test
blocks, communications, cabling.
• Maintenance, repair and replacement of metering equipment
and MI.

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