Overview of Plant Stem Cell Product

Overview of Plant Stem Cell
Products in Cosmetics
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ubonthip Nimmannit
“Plant Stem Cell in Cosmetics”
25 August 2010
What are stem cells?
• Unprogrammed cell
• Differentiate into cells with specific
• Advantage
– Regenerative medicine
• Stimulate healing
• Extended healthy life span
Arabidopsis stem cells
Reddy lab, UC Riverside
Stem cells
• Self-renewal
• Generate
differentiated cells
General features of a stem-cell niche.
Sablowski,TRENDS in Cell Biology, Vol.14,2004
Animal and Human Stem Cells
• Embryonic stem cells
– Pluripotent differentiation potential
• Adult stem cells
– To maintain and repair tissue
• The same DNA and the same gene
– Signal inside the cell
– epigenetic signals tag DNA
– Surrounding histone protein: regulate gene
Plant stem cells
• Shoot apical meristem
• Root apical meristem
– Epigenetic
– Totipotent
• specialized proliferation tissue
– the growing tip of roots and shoots
– generate new cells
Dinneny and Benfey, Cell 132, 2008
Root meristem
• Quiescent center cells (4 cells)
• Single layer of stem cells
• Daughter cell (2 cells)
– Cell renewal
– Formation of mature tissue
Dinneny and Benfey, Cell 132, 2008
Positioning the Root Stem Cell Niche
Dinneny and Benfey, Cell 132, 2008
Shoot meristem
• Organizing center
– Several layers of cells
– Plant growth hormone
• Promote cell cycle activity
• Promote growth
• Shoot identity
Dinneny and Benfey, Cell 132, 2008
Shoot apical meristem
Plant shoot apical meristem (SAM) and root apical meristem (RAM) SC
niches. The organizing-centre cells provide signals for maintenance of
the overlying SCs, which are surrounded by a TA population of cells in
the meristem peripheral zone (PZ). In the RAM, the quiescent centre
(QC) is the source of SC maintenance signals.
Singh and Bhalla, TRENDS in Plant Science, Vol.11, 2006
The role of stem cells in the skin
• Epidermis
– stratified epithelium
– interfollicular epidermis
• Hair follicles
• Sebaceous glands
The hair bulge contains multipotent stem cells that contribute to the
lineages of the epidermis, the sebaceous gland and the hair follicle
Schmid et al., SÖFW-Journal | 134 | 5-2008
Epidermal stem cell generates transit amplifying cells that differentiate
to form the stratified layers
Schmid et al., SÖFW-Journal | 134 | 5-2008
Colorless mass callus
Individual/ small cell clusters
in liquid culture
Plant stem cell and their
propagation in culture
• Sterile condition
• Standardized condition
Plant stem cell products
Centella asiatica cell culture 20%
Echinacea angustifolia cell culture 20%
Buddleja davidii cell culture 20%
Leontopodium alpinum cell culture 20%
Malus domestica fruit cell culture extract
Stimulate human stem cell growth
Maintains the self renewal capacity of stem cells
Increases longevity of human skin stem cells
Delays senescence of essential cells
Combat chronological aging
Preserve the youthful look and the vitality of skin
neutralize, often reversing, the effects of aging on the skin
protect stem cells from death due to UV overexposure
• protects human skin stem cells from stress, thus
decreasing wrinkles and producing younger, fresherlooking skin.
Plant stem cell products
Plant stem cell products
with 20% Plant Stem Cells
It’s all about PERCENTAGE
It’s all about SYNERGY
PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica (Swiss Apple) 20% Plant Stem Cells
+Phytosteron - Wild Yam and Soy Bean Sterols
Plant stem cell cream
Lancome Paris Absolue Precious
Cells Advanced Regenerating and
Reconstructing Cream SPF15
Amore Pacific IOPE Plant Stem Cell
Skin Renewal Eye Cream
Price: $150
Price: $60
Plant stem cell cream
emerginC protocell bio-active
stem cell face cream.
Price: $90
Serious Skin Care Replicate Renew Plant Stem
Cell Double Power Concentrate
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Plant stem cell serum
La Mer
The Regenerating Serum
Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Powercell
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Price: $120
Elions stem cell serum
Price: $25
Plant stem cell : Anticellulite
Adonia LegTone Serum
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Collistar Intensive Anticellulite
Price: $60
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