Activity and Cost

Framework agreement
community based support
services and personal care
Why a Framework Agreement?
• Set out in our Interim Market Position Statement:
• Personalised services based on outcomes and choice, not
historic service menus, that help people live independent
lives (increasingly through personal budgets)
• Promoting equality of access and reducing labelling – think
about people, not care groups
• Reducing complexity – especially where people currently
have multiple providers
• Releasing creativity and supporting flexibility
• Ensuring quality, a fair price and focusing scarce resources
on front line services – ability to better anticipate investment
• Building closer commissioner/provider relationships - avoids
the need for a full procurement exercise each time a service
is required
Framework agreement
• Relationship between the Authority and providers with
flexibility of contractual options (spot, variable volume,
• Establishes the terms in relation to price and quality with a
select list of suppliers
• Services will be ‘called off’ from the framework agreement,
when they are required either by call off without competition
or by mini competition
• The framework agreement will be awarded at ITT Stage on
the basis of the most economically advantageous bids
• The agreement will initially be for 2 years, with options to
renew annually for a further 2 years
Generic services
• The framework agreement will be generic and
not based on care groups
• Providers will need to form consortia or
contracting partnerships or demonstrate that
they can deliver generic services
Formal legal entity owned by two
or more providers.
Where a lead provider works with
one or more providers to form a
contracting partnership
‘Lots’ for the framework
• Providers can bid for one or more lots
Community-based support services –
non-CQC regulated
Regulated community-based support
(including personal care) – CQC regulated
Personal care – CQC regulated
Indicative zones
• There will be 7 indicative geographical
zones across the county at PQQ stage
• Providers will indicate their interest
• We will then finalise the zones to ensure
effective coverage prior to Invitation To
• Providers will be required to provide
services anywhere in the zones they
Indicative Zones
Qualities of selected providers
• The county intends to work closely with
providers that:
Are flexible and adaptable
Take a person centred approach
Demonstrate innovative ways of working
Achieve agreed outcomes for individuals
Maximise resources available to an individual
Operate generically
Have a robust business model
Process & timetable
• Early January PQQ launched = ability to deliver
• The service specification and FAQs will be available at the
same time
• There will be market information sessions two weeks after
the PQQ is launched
• Providers will need to register with ProContract
• The PQQ process will last 30 days (approx 4 Feb)
• PQQ Evaluation completed by 24 Feb and successful
provider informed
• Invitation to Tender launched with deadline of receipt of 15
• Go Live – June/July
Transition Strategy
Current Provider/Part of
Negotiation re: current
Current Provider/Not part of
Framework but services
covered by it
Negotiate transfer of
business over first year:
variable pace
Current Provider/Not part of
Framework but services not
covered by it
No change as a result of this
New Provider/Part of
New business from Day 1;
transfer of business as

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